“It Is Not a Joke” COVID-19

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March 11, 2020
Turn a crisis into gold, self-isolation to inner peace. How to meditate and why mindfulness can be your spiritual guidance.
March 20, 2020

“It Is Not a Joke” COVID-19

In this global crisis from COVID-19, we really need to be considerate to each other. Those who have capability or expertise should do anything they can to help the world.

Not everyone can help in public health sector. Especially in the situation that we cannot gather, it is harder to join to help the world now. However, what everyone can do is to chant for the world and for himself.

This might be a joke for someone who thinks that vaccine is the only way to cure this disease. In fact, the main point of chanting is the sending of pure good energy to the world. This energy will reduce the dark force that is covering the world, and also create protective power for the country and the world.
Chanting is like setting one’s mind to make a wish.
If people do not believe in mind power, then why do they make a wish?

What’s the meaning of chanting?

Chanting is to set one’s mind to focus on the words in the chants, not letting the mind wander. It is one way to practice meditation which means to let the mind focus on only one action, not many things at the same time. While chanting in Pali words, the power of the Triple Gem will be connected with the chanter. If you set your mind to pray for someone or for any purpose, the power of praying will go to that person. The success of chanting depends on the purity of the chanter’s mind. If his mind is highly purified, his chanting will bring great result since there is no kilesa coming against him.
Impurities or kilesa means greed, anger and illusion. These are impure energy that blocks the positive power or merit to support the chanter or those we set our minds to pray for. With less purified mind, the result will also be less. However, it is better than doing nothing but adding more impurities or sins to one’s life.
Hence, chanting is surely not a joke and it is what we should do absolutely.

This world is the current of energy. Mind is also a very powerful energy.
Chanting is to use mind energy to relieve bad and negative energy.
As a result, the chanters will have good concentration, mindfulness and good force to support their lives. They will realize to do good deeds further. Their clouded minds will be cleared and misfortune will be gone, resulting in a correct decision. Bad things that are going to happen will not happen because this good force will protect them.
With more people chant, more purified energy will be released to the world. Then, good things will happen; such as a faster discovery of vaccine to cure the world. This is because when bad energy doesn’t interfere, the mind of the researchers will be clearer. For the thing they haven’t found yet, they will eventually find it because of the good force that will eradicate bad and dark energy that clouds their minds.

Those who quarantine themselves for 14 days or those who want to help the world but don’t know what to do, please think of chanting. It will be very good if you can chant every day. The chant can be either Ratana Sutta or Chinabunchorn Gatha which are all good. It’s even better if you also practice meditation. The power of meditation will be a good force for yourself and for the world because during meditation your mind is a meritorious mind that means no harm to anyone. The mind that is free from evil thought will become a meritorious power for yourself.

During this crisis, instead of letting your mind be lost in worries, it’s better to give yourself a chance to make the highest merit in Buddhism, that is meditation. But if you are not ready for that step yet, start with purely preserving the precepts so you can stop committing sin and then chant to receive and send good force to yourself and to the world.


Master Acharavadee Wongsakon
18 March 2020
Translation: Wisuwat Sutthakorn, Kittitouch Tavichaiyuth

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