Buddhists around the World calling for – Boycott of HILTON & Waldorf Astoria with opening Siddhartha Lounge

Buddhists around the World calling for – Boycott of HILTON & Waldorf Astoria with opening Siddhartha Lounge


Since its creation in 1996, Buddha-Bar Paris has been using the name and image of Buddha in it’s Bars and Hotels throughout the world. Typically the franchises has large statues of Buddha in their Bars and around dance floors and in restaurants, similar to a Buddhist temple.

What makes the use of Buddha’s image in these bars most insulting to Buddhists around the world is that Buddhism does not support the consumption of alcohol. So to use the Buddha’s image as decoration to promote the consumption and sale of alcohol and as a prop on dance floors and in restaurants is especially disrespectful and hurtful to Buddhists.


Buddha Bar


Now comes a further insult with the Buddha-Bar franchise opening the Siddhartha Lounge at Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah. (Siddhartha Gautama being the name of Buddha). This is in addition to the Buddha-Bar spa’s Hilton already operates. (nudity infront of a Buddha statue is considered highly disrespectful by Buddhists).

According to the Knowing Buddha Organization in Thailand what the Buddha-Bar franchise is doing is not only disrespectful but it is immoral. The foundation points out that “Respect is Common Sense” Buddhists feel hurt by the misuse of the name and image of their father, as people of other faiths would be if the image of Christ or Mohammad were used to promote bars and nightclubs.

The BuddhaBar, restaurant and hotel franchise created by French-Romanian restaurateur Raymond Vișan and DJ Claude Challe, with its original location having opened in Paris, France.

Raymond Vișan according to Wikipedia had the idea of establishing the chain of restaurants and bars, which came from his fascination with the Orient. However at the age of 60 Visan suddenly died of terminal cancer. The franchise was continued by co-founder Claude Challe and Vișan’s wife Tarja, who took over the reins of the Buddha Bar franchise upon Vișan death.

Critics of the Vișan’s and Claude Challe say that these self described “artists and creators” have created nothing but bad Karma and Sin for themselves. They suggest that Buddha-Bar franchise is a form of “grotesque Plagiarism ” which has merely Hijacked a 2500 year old religion, using the name and image of Buddha (who imparts peace, compassion and loving kindness), for the purpose of selling alcohol and making money. As any case of plagiarism it is expected that Buddha-Bar and Waldorf Astoria will soon find themselves in the courts say Buddhims advocats.

Buddhist around the world are calling the Boycotting of Waldorf Astoria Hotels Hilton Hotels, Buddha-Bars and the music of Claude Challe, demanding that they stop using the image of Buddha and instead create their own brand.


The Buddha Bar Spa – Hilton Evian-les Bains


Claude Challe




  1. Sao Lyunn Kham says:

    It’s an insult to all followers of the Buddhist
    faith around the world. I support the boycot.

  2. Tun says:

    Let them use images or statues Mohamed or Jesus Christ in bars, night clubs just for beheading by Islamic terrorism but they would not do it as they are scared of Islamic terrorism and they do not want their bars or nightclubs be bombed to total destruction.

  3. Tun says:

    Let them do it with Mohamed or Jesus. They would not do it as they are scared of beheading.

  4. Trond Erik says:

    Why not open bars and give them the name Allah and Muhammad.
    They don’t dear.

    • David says:

      Are the same Buddhists that murder and persecute non Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka’s. I have a much better idea. Disband all the religions and turn the churches,mosques,temples and shrines into bars,restaurants,theatres,art galleries etc. That would at least give some joy to the world!

  5. Sam says:

    “Allah Alcohol ya can drink bar”. Imagine that and how quickly it would be destroyed by fire etc.

    Advantage being taken of a peaceful religion. Try it with Islam see what you get!

    Take a look at the pic of Claude Challe you can see what he is ☹️

  6. Khin Maung Oo says:

    Alcohol is prohabited by religions.
    Using the images of Buddha is disrespectful.It is objection!

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