The Meditation to Put Out the Bushfires and Fire of Anger

The Meditation to Put Out the Bushfires and Fire of Anger
January 19, 2020
Beware of Mishap
February 24, 2020

The Meditation to Put Out the Bushfires and Fire of Anger

January 11, 2020
By Khun Pattana

Australia, the land many travelers call paradise, being rich in nature, is now facing the most severe bushfires in history. The tragic news is broadcasting every day. The bright clear sky turns red day and night while smoke and ash spread into the air. People have to wear mask to filter toxic gas just like in scientific fiction about the apocalypse day. But this is not a fiction, it is real. Even worse, the innocent animals, amidst of fire, died miserably. Just passing by a fireplace or being burnt, we will have severe pain. This tragic incident has caused more than five hundred million wild lives to die while the survived ones live without food or water. Besides the blazing fire in this land, on the other side of the world, the fire within is erupted in Iran from the assassination of the country’s prominent person done by the US. This may originate the fire of war. 

The situation has reached the breaking point where there is no way out and no return. However, the fire can be extinguished by the cool and the most powerful power – the compassionate mind. This is why meditators from all over the place came to Techo Vipassana Retreat Center to use the power from their well-trained mind to heal the world. In front of the sacred Bodhi tree, more than five hundred meditation practitioners in pure white uniform sat elegantly in order as the troop, ready to take on any mission led by Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, Vipassana Master of Techovipassana.  “The world is facing many disasters. Thailand is suffering from drought. Sitting together in the same energy field will create enormous power. The meditation will bring cool currents to the world and will create a reverse push to become an inspiration, changing the thought of people. We need to use water to extinguish the bushfires… This is partially correct. But the important essence of chanting and spreading loving-kindness is that it will not only help the souls of those died dreadfully but the compassionate power will also create the unity and open the way for firemen. It will cool down the currents, especially harsh feelings. That is why we are here. Our one hour is so meaningful. Thank you everyone for being here.” Master gave sermon in a gentle and soothing tone. The air current was shaking and the wind blew as if she was embracing the world with love and consoling the three worlds.

Master continued with resolute voice, “The coming of everyone is to repay the world. Our cooling vibration to heal situation. The word is facing massive problem, as a meditator who has high power of the mind, you can help. If they can change at the core, people can do the right thing. ” The meditation began in the hot weather with no movement in the air.
My body was full of pain with unusual torture. When the mind is the energy current and the body is the element that connects to the whole world, the power of fire element increased, showing the connection in elemental level. The fire burned the darkness in the mind, supported by the power from the Triple Gem and all Masters. The bodies of practitioners were connected to burn the cause of the bushfires and the fire of anger. Toward the end of mission, the causes of all fires flew like a river while the other end appeared to be a vast and cold ocean. 
Though the incident started with a burning fire, the power of Vipassana miraculously cooled down the world. After the meditation, Master led the praying, chanting and extending loving-kindness. The current of the Triple Gem spread throughout the area. While meditators were chanting Maha Karuniko Katha, Master got up from the bench and dropped the water in front of the sacred Bodhi tree. The water incredibly and quickly seeped through the ground. In the second and the third time, before the water touched the ground, I saw the surface of land separated to hold the water that Master poured with her pure mind. Then the water spread and seeped widely. That night, the moon shone with bloody red radiant. When looking at it, my mind could feel the harsh energy current which shook my body. The red radiant in the midst of darkness made me feel inexplicably sad. This may be from the sufferings of all souls that rose into the air together with the hatred, which caused the moonlight to reflect such current. But with coolness from the compassionate mind of the Bodhisattva and Dhamma troop, all fires have been cooled down. This eventually made the moon shine brightly as full moon again. From the moment that the pure water was poured from the hand of the compassionate one, less than 48 hours after, the bushfires that have been burning for 3 months in New South Wales could be controlled because of the rain that miraculously poured down. This mission was truly praised by the three worlds. It was a mission that few people are aware and see the importance. And it was even more difficult to find anyone who sacrifice with full of compassion to change the world with the mind of Bodhisattva like Master Acharavadee Wongsakon. 
I humbly bow to pay respect to the Triple Gem and all Masters with great gratitude.  I humbly bow to pay respect to Master Acharavadee Wongsakon. Because of you, humans and all beings still have hope. I rejoice with everyone who joined the mission, both visible and invisible ones. 

Translation: Tarinsiri Deemongkol

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