August 1, 2019

How AI Really Threatens Us

BY NIKKI MIRGHAFORI| AUGUST 1, 2019 Lion’s Roar Artificial intelligence doesn’t need a mind of its own to threaten our freedom. All it needs are flawed human minds behind it. That’s why ethical standards are so important, […]
September 1, 2019

Meet ‘Mindar,’ the robotic Buddhist priest

The $1 million robot preaches in a Japanese temple. Will it one day learn to think on its own
September 3, 2019

Japan: Buddhists Are Turning To ‘Mindar Robots’ To Spread Their Faith

okyo: In Japan, low fertility rates and an aging population are reducing religious affiliation. The Buddhist priests have been warning for more than a decade that their ancient tradition risks extinction. To tackle this, a Kyoto temple has settled on a new plan for connecting with the masses, one that channels ancient wisdom through the technology of the future.
September 11, 2019


You can hear a sermon about the Heart Sutra at almost any Buddhist temple. But at one house of worship in Japan, it's delivered by a robot.