Triumph of Life

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September 17, 2020
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September 20, 2020

Triumph of Life

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

“Sīlena sugatiṃ yanti”..Through precepts, they lead to happiness…

“Sīlena bhoga-sampadā”..Through precepts, they bring about wealth…

“Sīlena nibbutiṃ yanti” ..Through precepts, they result in Nirvana – the ultimate happiness…

“Tasmā sīlaṃ visodhaye” ..Therefore precepts are wonderful things to which is incomparable…

Those who observe precepts consistently are Buddhist male/female lay-followers (Upasaka/Upasika), are wise and born worthwhile, and wisely bring happiness to their lives. Precepts are nobler than all material treasures in the world, better than radiant jewels of greatest emperors above all mankind. All the treasures, jewels, silver and gold are items to nourish craving and sensuality. It is like honey drenched with poison that brings in suffering to oneself without benefits unable to wash away inner sins and troubles. The Five Precepts — noble wealth – are the beginning path of purity, the ambrosia to cleanse bad deeds or inner troubles, and the precious staircase for stepping to heaven.

Lord Buddha’s words mentioned that not to encroach others brings peace. The Dhamma doctrine is Five Precepts, the triumph of the world. If all human beings observe precepts, all the sentient beings will be happy; The Dhamma is flourishing. When the world and Dhamma mutually depend on each other, the world will become the kingdom of heaven. The tears of mankind, previously flooded the world will run dry. As per saying, to love Nation, Religion and Monarchy would bring happiness to country. The progress due to the love of Nation, Religion and Monarchy is one who observe the Five Precepts consistently. Unlike those who don’t, this means they become a destroyer of Nation, burying himself in this existence. Thus, who is to blame?

Ordinary people do not doubt that, despite Buddha’s passing, no matter how we cultivate we could not reach enlightenment and nirvana. In fact, after Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment and had reach nirvana, those who practice correctly according to Dhamma and his teachings can be Arahant too. If one sees that the teachings is the pure truth, the one could see the Lord Buddha as well, even one is still suffering. Anyone who does not practice correctly cannot be free from suffering. Observing precept is to first practice to get out of suffering, then the determination will arise. Therefore, ordinary people seeking happiness should observe precepts perfectly. Once the precepts are purely and perfectly observed, concentration will arise, then following wisdom. Persistently aware of oneself as non-self, it is just only Four Elements and Five Aggregates. All the 32 body parts are unclean. It is suffering, aging, illness and death; not objects that can be carried forward to next existence. Reaching it with our own wisdom, then the deliverance by eliminating the Kilesa, then attain a liberation from suffering; becoming a true Arahant.

Lord Buddha had cultivated perfections (parami) for four incalculable’s and hundreds of thousands aeons until he had enlightened the wonderful Dhamma. He learned the cause of suffering, the cause of suffering relief, the cause of suffering extinguishing, and the path of practice to end suffering. He then preached to all human beings to attain the same. The Dhamma of Lord Buddha is not something that can be easily encountered; the person without merit or never cultivated in the past lives, will never find. Thus, being existed and encounter the pure Teachings that lead to the end of suffering; it’s a great fortune. After encountering the Dhamma; be advised to follow and practice in order to be free from suffering until Nirvana which will be the noble wealth tagging along with you to every existence. It is a wonderful opportunity in a lifetime… When we are still be well, we should not be careless. Wrongly mistaken that we are still young; only when we get old, then starting to think of making merit.

Since the King of Death has no mercy to anyone, whether young or old; we must not be careless since we could not escape from death. The point is how we prevent sorrow when the death arrives. We should take precepts, make merit, and give Dana on which we ourselves can rely so our birth encountering Buddhism won’t be wasteful, so not to miss after disaster strikes. I would like to close the result of observing precepts for now…

Translation: Samroeng Thongrong

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