ENLIGHTENMENT – The Great Escape

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September 18, 2020
“Fictional Stories” from The Time of Buddha
September 21, 2020

ENLIGHTENMENT – The Great Escape


Look around – what do you see?
Close your eyes and stop the World,
with a simple word….. “NOW”

With your eyes closed.use your mind to step into the other Dimension.
Alas, you have left the World of Illusion….

Focus your mind on a single point
Now “pause” all thoughts and become the “One who Observes”…be the “Ones who knows”.

Be very still and do not move…
Soon those who control the Illusion will realize you have escaped.
Now they send out the forces to bring back your mind.

First like electric energy waves they send out thoughts…followed by feelings….and eventually some pain
Don’t let your mind connect to these….or your mind will be pulled back into the World you just left behind.

With the mind focused and neutral, these energy waves cannot reach the mind which is floating further away.
Stay invisible by keeping the mind focused and neutral.

Now you start to move forward….
You seem to be moving through long grass
And soon some trees. The mind starts to feel free and floats above the forest and over a snow covered mountain.

And then in an instant the mind reaches a perfect calm.
Crystal clear water appears and as you look through the water – you can see the grains of sand in fine detail.

The mind has separated from the body.
The mind is free and in a perfect stillness and silence.
As the mind holds its concentration, through the fine grains of sand a small hole appears.
The mind enters into the hole and travels through a tunnel.

Tiny insect like creatures appear, that live in these tunnels.
These are the kilesas …the impurities of the mind, that cloud the mind.

With focused concentration the mind using fire vaporizes these defilements.
This is the first layer of many layers to burn through to purify the mind on the journey to Enlightenment.

Absolute Freedom from the World of Illusion we have been imprisoned in for uncountable Lifetimes.

Passing through many tunnels of the mind and burning many creatures, we exit these caverns.

There are uncountable numbers of layers for the mind to navigate. On each level the mind must burn the impurities, no matter what forms they take.

However, the mind must remain focused and perfectly still.
Nothing must be allowed to shake the mind or it will in an instant be thrown back into the other dimension.

Deeper and deeper the mind travels.
Until finally it reaches an ancient wall covered in a layer of dust from the ages
In the middle is a massive door, locked…
How to open this door?
What is on the other side?

Suddenly the mind is filled with excitement and desire to know,
And in a flash the mind is pulled backwards through the dimension, to the starting point and you open your eyes.

You are back where you started.
You have returned into the world of illusion.
Gone is the feeling of freedom.
Back is the weight of your body and reality.

All the emotions that imprison your mind in this illusion instantly weigh heavy on you: Fear, Desire, Hate, Greed, Lust, Pain, Love

This is what the Buddha faced sitting under the Bodhi tree 2500 years ago, as he practiced Vipassana Meditation to reach the Enlightenment and free himself from the world suffering and illusions – which feeds off of our emotions and keeps our minds imprisoned in the Matrix.

Buddha faced the armies of kilesas and all the tricks of Mara (the devil).
For 7 days and nights Buddha held his mind and body perfectly still and equanimous to pass through every layer, every level and every test the kilesas and devil put before him, until he found what was hidden behind the ancient wall of the mind …..the Ultimate Truth and Wisdom

After reaching the Enlightenment Buddha taught others. These Masters spread the teachings throughout the world and down through the centuries, but relatively few people have been able to reach the ultimate freedom.

The Devil and kilesas are so powerful and continue to distract people and tempt them into sin and trick them to attach their minds into the world of illusion.

Greed ,Hatred, Lust  all fuel the Matrix and enslave us into the illusion.

It is only by purifying our minds through meditation, that we can free our minds from the world of illusion and make “the Great Escape”.



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