HELP – Thai families survive the Coronavirus with Emergency Food Parcel

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April 4, 2020
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April 22, 2020

HELP – Thai families survive the Coronavirus with Emergency Food Parcel

In this difficult time, everybody either rich or poor is suffering. While a lot of people are giving support to hospitals, hose who really need help are hardly receiving anything, as they are not in the unemployment system nor the social security system.
The problem is these people have no Income to survive.
Earnings mean the money that a person receives regularly for his basic living. But money for survival means only a small amount that is just enough for food in the most difficult time.


The School of Life foundation is shipping Emergency Survival Kits to Thai families in financial trouble as a resutl of the Coranvirus Crisis.



Each Emergency Package contains:

1. 1 pack of instant noodle (10 bags) = 60 baht
2. 1 pack of canned fish (3 cans @17.50 baht) = 52.50 baht
3. 1kg of rice = 65 baht (if we pack by ourselves, it will cost 53 baht)
4. 1 pack of salted eggs (5 eggs) = 57 baht
5. 1 pack of instant porridge (5 bags@16 baht) = 80 baht
6. 1 pack of Ovaltine 3in1 (5 bags) = 42 baht
7. 1 pack of snacks (3bags@10 baht) = 30 baht
8. 200 baht cash (for additional rice or cooking gas)
Total cost for this package is 586.50 baht.
Cost for box (D size) = 8.25 baht
Cost for delivery by Flash = 45 baht (for Sunday delivery, before 3:00 p.m., cost is reduced by 40% = 27 baht)

To help please send any Amount

A/C name: School of Life Foundation
A/C no. 003-2-41586-7
Swift Code : KASITHBK
Address: School of life Foundation
3/11-12 Decho Road, Suriyawong , Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Tel: +6626347461-3
Thank you for participating in the charity. Although the amount is not big, it is greatly virtuous. Giving to fellow humans in their desperate time is both material gift and Dhamma gift as we express the Four Sublime States of Mind: loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.
May you all prosper and be safe from all kinds of danger.
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