The Heart Teachings of Buddha

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August 31, 2019
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The Heart Teachings of Buddha

Knowing Buddha Organization Sept 01, 2019

(1) Refrain from all kind of sins. 

     The 5 Key Sins in Buddhism is killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, taking alcohol or drugs.

(2) Do good deeds.
(3) Purify your mind.

Five Code of Conduct is a precept that Buddha has left behind for people who are not priests. It is the fundamental life’s principles which, when adhered to,bring about peace and harmony to the society.​

The conduct aims at harming no one including self. It is a universal rule,  not limited to a particular nation or religion. Buddhism treats the precept as the pre-requisite to become  a complete, truly happy person.​

The codes include ;

1. No killing  Those who often take lives will either be born unhealthy or die young.

2. No Stealing – People who steal, no matter how rich they are, will eventuality lose their money or possessions one way or another.

3. No Adultery  True love is hard to find or does not even exist for people who are unfaithful because they not only did not cherish their partner’s love, but also ruined it.

4. No lying – Constant liars find it hard to receive respect and trust from others.

This is because they often broke their promises or betrayed other people’s trust

5. No consumption of intoxicating substances  Alcohols and drugs rob consciousness and numb the brain.  Heavy drinkers’ brains fail prematurely and sometimes they do not even have to wait until the next life to be mentally retarded.​

The precept effectively creates a line between right and wrong. Those violating the conducts are simply heading for trouble, in line with the Law of Cause and Effect.​​

The Core Teaching of Buddha : 

Equanimity (Neutrality)

          It means the mind is not shaken or attached to happiness, unhappiness and illusion. Whatever comes to the mind, it knows without seasoning into craving and aversion.

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