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September 22, 2019

Tainted Art

Do and Don’ts on Buddha


Do with regard to Buddha

Once you enter Buddha’s land you will see many temples and Buddha statues both inside and outside the temples or even in residences. Buddhists have the images of Buddha to pay gratitude and to pay respect to with a sacred one and to remind us of his teachings. To know what is appropriate and to whom one should pay respect is a common  sense and basic morality.

The world has gone too far in using Buddha images wrongly, with lack of consideration. Please let us provide this summary to help explain how to treat the Buddha image
appropriately. Simple respect will bring good vibration and a harmonious heart for us all.

1. Respect

To pay respect to Buddha doesn’t mean you must be a Buddhist. If you act with respect to a prophet of other religions,  you should treat the Buddha the same way as he is worshiped as the spiritual Father of Buddhism. 

Respect can be shown by your attitude with the humble mind body language. If you don’t want to pay respect at all at least do not look down on the Buddha.

2. Correctness

If you see a picture, an amulet, or a statue of Buddha in inappropriate places such as on the floor, in a toilet, or on a chair, please help to place it in a proper place up high such as on a shelf or higher.

3. Knowledge

 If you are a Buddhist, inform those who have the wish to know about Buddha. If you are not a Buddhist, and someone asks “Who is Buddha?” the simple answer can be,
Buddha is the enlightened one who taught Buddhists to do good deeds the same way other prophets do.

Don’ts with regard to Buddha

1. Please do not treat Buddha’s symbols,
statues or images badly

If you cannot pay respect to Buddha at least do not treat the image of Buddha badly. Buddhists respect Buddha as the religious father. All leaders of religions are regarded with respect. This should also be applied to Buddha.


3. Please do not use Buddha’s name in
commercialization or without respect

​ Such as naming a dog “Buddha” the restaurant named “Buddha Belly”   or a bar called “Buddha Bar”.


2. Please do not place Buddha images
in inappropriate objects or places

Buddha images should be placed away from objects of daily use such as handkerchiefs, napkins, towels, rags or cleaning item. Also do not use for the lower part of the body shoes, underwear, skirts including all sorts of toys and furniture etc.

True Buddhists who see a Buddha image placed as objects in inappropriate places will feel very unhappy. This could lead to an anger and widespread conflict.


4. Please do not place images or statues
of Buddha as if they are furniture or
decoration item.

Buddha symbol and images is not furniture or decoration,they are to be revered. Devoted Buddhists will know this. But there are many people who are aware of their own disrespectful acts. We must improve awareness of what is right and wrong.

You might wonder why there are merchants even in some Buddhist countries who treat Buddha statues or images without respect and sell them like decoration items. That is    a reflection of human nature. In every society there are good and bad people. Bad people don’t care about anything except their own benefit: but the true Buddhist will feel ashamed of that.​

Buddha is the spiritual father to more than 500 million Buddhists around the world. His images and statues are not meant to be used for decoration or as tattoo under any circumstances. Those who create the object with Buddha images intend to inspire people to think of Buddha.
If you feel that Buddha images help you feel peace and harmony, please place the Buddha statue properly with respect, by placing the statue or image, at a high level from the floor and not use his symbols as decoration.



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