December 2, 2019

Violence against Buddha – A History of Blasphemy

  Violence against Buddha A History of Blasphemy Chapter: (p.152)¬†Violence against Buddha Source: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road Author(s): Michael Jerryson Publisher: Oxford University Press This chapter addresses the cosmic violence to [‚Ķ]
November 29, 2019

Show some respect for our Lord Buddha!

I believe all of us must have had someone whom we hold in high regard and don't wish to see him or her being insulted in any way. It feels good to see other people show him or her respect the same way we do but we can't help feeling offended if they do the complete opposite. Complaints are common reactions in most negative cases, and things often get much more intense as far as religious figures are concerned. Late last month, an activist group of Thai Buddhists called "Knowing Buddha" organised a demonstration in Bangkok to protest against commercial practices that show disrespect to Buddha.
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