Understanding the Energy Field Leads to Positive Thinking

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January 8, 2021
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February 11, 2021

Understanding the Energy Field Leads to Positive Thinking


A gloomy man came to seek for an advice as he could not stop himself from thinking about negative thoughts. He kept worrying about his expectations and kept thinking about things that touch his mind over and over so he’s become irritated by this cycle. The more he thinks the gloomier he becomes.

I told him the reason why he has this condition. It’s because the mind has not been trained and does not understand the energy field issue.

This world is an energy field as well as the mind. When we often let the mind tune into a negative frequency, drawn in by a magnetic field, this action will tune other negative currents pressuring the mind to be sunken under the same type of frequency. The same as tuning a radio to FM 88 wave, thinking of listening to just one song but since it is the song frequency, listening to one song leads to other songs unstoppably in the frequency. Therefore a negative thinking cycle will connect to other negative thoughts making an even more mournful feeling. The major unfortunate issue that the mind’s been thinking of will become a bridge leading other issues to the mind so it will be doomed even more and is unable to escape from this frequency, if it doesn’t know how to let it go.

Thinking many negative thoughts not only will lead to bad people but will also advance one into difficult situations. For example, when being mad and became rowdy, the mind will lose consciousness then walking or stumbling into things or even running someone over as a result of the bombardment of the negative currents. By the time these currents die down, the body and the mind will be so exhausted that some will eventually collapse on the floor.

Likewise, this works the same when thinking about good things. Even when it’s about something unpleasant, we think positively. If we train ourselves to think that no matter what happens; good or bad, this is a test to train our minds. Do not let our minds send out bad currents. We instead think only positively that we have a test. Consequently, the mind will draw only good force to it. This not only prevents the mind from going downhills but also attracts good things and good people to our lives due to the law of attraction which draws things in the same frequency together.

To be able to think positively, we have to perseveringly keep training our minds till it becomes a habit. We cannot just slightly practice.

I therefore suggest “We cannot close eyes and meditate all the time because eye closing and meditating are not real life. This is done for a certain period of time to train our minds to make them powerful. However, once the mind is powerful but we fail to build a wall to prevent it from negative thinking, it will not be so long that the mind will go downhills again. To prevent the mind from being doomed, we must keep training ourselves to stay conscious in every position at the same time. This is training ourselves to be mindful and fully conscious. When we are fully conscious, we will see through what happens. That is, we will be aware quickly that this is Kilesa, impurities.

When the mind does not cook feelings; for example, the mind is just aware of feelings, such as anger, dissatisfaction, and jealousy, but will not develop such feelings into emotions; such feelings or thoughts will disappear not so long after. This is because such feelings or thoughts are energy currents which do not last if we do not open the door to let them in. At most, they can gang up in front of our doors. If we do not open the door, due to the power of consciousness, they cannot come in. As a result, the mind will not build up sufferings but will turn more powerful both in meditation practice and in real life.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon
Source: Awaken from Madness Volume 1, Chapter 33 “The Law of Physics: Energy Field”, page 213-220


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“No matter what happens in life; good or bad, this is all a chance to let the mind have a test. Do not let the mind send out bad vibes. Only think positively that we have a test; this is called positive thinking.
Consequently, the mind will draw only good force to it. This not only prevents the mind from going downhills but the vibes it sends out will also keep attracting good things and good people to our lives.”

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Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Translation: Napassakorn Oveerawong and Pimchanok Thanitsond

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