The Unspoken Truth about Climate Crisis

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June 13, 2014
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The Unspoken Truth about Climate Crisis

Preface by the publisher 

Throughout several decades, the world has been facing 

a dramatic increase in average temperature, namely global 

warming. However, people have just become aware of and 

seriously respond to this issue not many years ago. 

Thanks to the 2018 latest findings of the Intergovern- 

mental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an intergovern- 

mental body of the United Nations, the Special Report on 

the impact of temperature rise at 1.5 degree Celsius, many 

institutions and individuals around the world are fully 

aware that this moment is the final call to save the planet 

from the full-blown climate catastrophe. 

To date, scientists and researchers have concluded that 

the global warming is mainly caused by plastic waste and 

the emission of greenhouse gases, specifically the carbon 

dioxide. However, no one has realized that there are 

underlying significant factors that “exponentially 

accelerate” the climate change up to this point. 

When you hear the quote “The global warming has 

reached this level with a series of more frequent and severe 

natural disasters across the world due to heat wave 

generated from the overuse of Internet and the overflow 

of useless digital data.”, you might be shocked, confused 

or curious of its causation. You might even think that this 

is totally impossible. 

This book might be among the world’s first-ever that 

exposes “factors” that speed up the warming crisis, in

addition to other important factors that we have always 

knew. The book is well equipped with many research 

papers and scientific evidences to support and prove the 

idea in a rational and simple manner. You don’t have to 

be a scientist to read this book. 

Some may wonder why this very book – full of 

scientific proofs – is written by Vipassana (Insight) Master 

Acharavadee Wongsakon – President of Knowing Buddha 

Organization (KBO) – along with several KBO members 

from various backgrounds and skills, who have been 

rigorously practicing Vipassana meditation in line with 

the Buddha’s technique and have come to the sense of 

gratitude to the planet that gives us lives and shelters. 

Some may even wonder what the real reason this book is 

written for. 

The answer is quite clear and simple… Whoever you 

are, whatever you do, and whichever religion or even non- 

religion you are practicing, we all need to face the 

catastrophe when the time comes. Therefore, this book 

urges you to step over these barriers and diferences that 

separate us. This is because we are facing the same 

imminent danger, which is actually caused by ourselves. 

This untold truth is a wisdom gained from rigorous 

Vipassana meditation practices for over 20,000 hours, 

strictly in line with Buddha’s teaching on the Four 

Foundation of Mindfulness, by Master Wongsakon. The 

truth can be proved by scientifc explanations. 

We hope that the book will successfully raise the 

world’s awareness of the true accelerating factors of global 

warming, alongside efective solutions to the problem 

which fnally leads to surviving the apocalypse. 

Please read this book with an open mind, consider 

causes and efects without bias, and examine the scientifc 

explanations with unprejudiced reasoning. It is not unwise, 

as you were born and make a living on Planet Earth, to 

consider the facts that have never been told and to help 

the world with immediate and correct actions because the 

fate of the world lies in your hands. 

Eventually, you will understand why changing the 

long-standing belief that “the world is fat and square” to 

the prevailing belief that “the world is round” was not an 

easy task at all. 

KBO Earth 


I have never thought before that I would one day 

write a book on “Buddhism and Science”, which happens 

to be very crucial to the ongoing climate crisis now a 

global emergency. As our planet is sufering from global 

warming up to the most dangerous point which has 

tremendous efects to all beings, I need to write and reveal 

“what I know” which results from rigorous Vipassana 

(Insight) practices, in order to help fx the problem. 

If you know a truth that is very much important to 

the entire humanity, will you just keep it to yourself 

because you are so afraid noone will listen to you? Or 

just because you think noone will believe it? Or because 

you are afraid you might be accused of seeking fame and 

fortune? Or because of any other reasons that one can 

possibly imagine?… What would you do then? 

Any man or woman, however, who stands frm in his/ 

her principles and is willing to sacrifce for the benefts 

of others, would certainly be able to cross these barriers 

and step forward to pursue the mission that must be done 

and no one dares to do. 

Because of this, whoever you are, whether you have 

past experiences in Vipassana meditation or not, whatever 

religion or non-religion you are practicing, whatever 

social status or educational background you have. Now 

that the book is already in your hand, please put yourself 

at ease and let go of your judgement and prejudices. Read 

this book as “a human being” who lives on Planet Earth

with me and other writers. We all are sharing the same 

fate being the people who sufer from the efect of 

global warming. 

It is understandable that you pick up this book 

because you want to relieve your curiosity of what the 

“untold truth” is, and would like to know more about 

efective solutions to remedy the global warming problem. 

I am quite sure you will be fnally aware of and accept 

this truth which is frightening and beyond your 

expectations once you have fnished it. 

In addition to the chapters I wrote, this book is a 

collection of research works, academic journals and 

reported news on various scientifc and environmental 

felds, including releases of minutes of the meetings about 

climate change and mutual agreements to remedy the 

problem across various governments and international 

organizations. Without these documents and information, 

people would have lived with ignorance and continued 

to make a living taking advantage of their own planet. 

Some people would have lived to reap the benefts for 

their self-interest without knowing that it contributes to 

climate change. Some people would have continued the 

lifestyle they are familiar with, thinking global warming 

has nothing to do with them. 

I would like to thank the scientists, researchers, and 

academics from universities in diferent countries, for 

instance, University of Hawaii, Stanford University, 

University of Zurich etc. Also, I would like to thanks the 

press and news agencies, both locally and internationally, 

such as, BBC, CNN, National Geographic, The Guardian, 

Thairath, ThaiPublica etc. Last but not least, I would like 

to thank the international organizations, especially the 

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 

under the United Nations (UN) and the National 

Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which put 

the agenda of global warming as their frst priorities. They 

literally awaken the world and prepare for the worst of 

climate change. 

KBO Earth, a special unit of Knowing Buddha 

Organization (KBO) working on environmental issues 

especially tackling the global warming problem, consists 

of a group of scientists, physicists, engineers, environmental 

and energy experts, alongside specialists including 

economists. Despite being a Buddhist organization, it 

does not mean the KBO has to work only on Buddhist 

issues because life is actually ‘Dhamma’ or nature and 

surroundings. Dhamma, the Buddha’s teaching, is 

human’s love and kindness toward each other and also 

other beings living on the same planet. Therefore, to fight 

climate change is not only limited to a specific group of 


As long as everyone living on the same planet, no 

matter where we live or what fields we do specialize in, 

we all have to be responsible for the state of the world. 

It is not the world that divides us, but we, instead, divide 

each other. 

Although we began our campaign to fght the global 

warming a bit late compared to other organizations, 

“Better late than never” is still true. We come with great 

care, good intention, and deepest gratitude to the world. 

Whether you know me or not, as you are reading this 

book, I am very pleased to meet you. Even though we 

meet at the critical time, it is much better than never 

having a chance to meet. Our meeting, through my 

writings or whatever channel it is, is very important 

because we are going to help save the world together 

from the catastrophic climate change and global warming. 

Once you have fnished this book and realized that 

the truth I revealed makes sense, please step forward and 

unite the world to save the planet with correct actions 

because noone else can help but only ones who are still 

breathin on the earth. 

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon 

Vipassana Master and President of KBO 

“Please read this book with an 

open mind… to help the world 

with immediate and correct 

actions because the fate of the 

world lies in your hands.” 

The Unspoken Truth 

of Climate Crisis 

“…. you are stealing their future in front of their very 


This is part of the speech by Greta Thunberg, the 

16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl who brought climate 

change to global attention once again when she skipped 

school to have a sit-in protest in front the Swedish 

parliament last year. It was addressed to adults, demanding 

them to take serious action on the crisis. 

As one of the adults, I felt ashamed of what we have 

done to this world. We live our lives enjoying the benefts, 

using and exploiting natural resources without conscience 

until the climate reaches the critical point. In other words, 

its status today is the “last call”, meaning it is our last chance 

to reverse it. Climate experts have announced that with an 

increase of 2°C from now, the planet’s ecosystems would 

be severely disrupted and the damages would be 

irreversible …as the temperatures will be too high for all 

inhabitants to survive. 

What have we done to the Earth?

Although the situation is heading toward catastrophe, 

not many people are truly aware of it and ready to work 

on the problem. As billions of adults are turning a blind 

eye, millions of young children and teens have begun to 

take to the streets, voicing their concerns and calling for 

immediate actions to protect their future. 

We used to expect that the situation would not get 

worse if we could reduce the use of plastic and replace it 

with green alternatives, reduce carbon emissions, change 

and give up some habits. We hoped these actions would 

help lower global temperatures. Some countries have also 

set out policies to tackle the problem with concrete 

strategies. Unfortunately, we have instead seen new 

statistics on the rise of temperatures in one place and at 

the same time new record low temperatures on the other 

side of the world. Extreme weather-related disasters have 

hit several places across the world ranging from wildfres 

and droughts to storms and foods, all of them reported 

as being “the worst” in the history. 

Despite eforts to tackle climate change and 

collaborations at the international level, the progress has 

moved at a snail’s pace. Natural disasters have stuck the 

world more frequently with new record-breaking statistics. 

So what is the root cause of the problem? Or is there any 

other factor that speeds up the crisis? If so, what is it? How 

come no one has mentioned about it? 

And how come those people who are handling the issue 

do not realize what is really happening? 

When the answer arrived… 

One day, afer reading the news about a severe 

disaster in another part of the world, I looked at the nature 

in front of me. Suddenly, a piece of knowledge came into 

the Knowing Mind… 

“The real factor that is accelerating global warming is 

the use of the Internet and digital data that is now fooding 

the world.” 

Then, the wave of pure energy fowed through my 

body and my mind. The whole body was flled with blissful 

energy: a condition when there is a confrmation from the 

divine energy that this knowledge is true, pure and did not 

come from my imagination. It is called `spiritual wisdom’. 

It is the state of realization about a subject or a question 

through the mind’s pure intuition, not traditional thinking 

process that requires intellectual analysis. The wisdom can 

be obtained from Dhamma practice which purifes the 

mind to the level that it gains wisdom on its own. 

What is digital data? 

Digital data is information represented by binary code 

and processed by electric current, switching in one of two 

states; “on” (1) and “of” (0). Digital information is processed 

through the sequence of these two numbers, each of 

which represents a letter, message, picture and sound. It 

is stored in computer devices and data centers. Digital data 

in the Internet network includes emails, pictures, videos, 

posts, chats on social media platforms such as Twitter, 

Instagram, WhatsApp, and everything stored in your 

mobile phones and notebooks. All information in 

government and private sectors of all felds; economy, 

society, politics, entertainment and our personal 

information on Google are also digital data. 

Digital data has been stored in the atmosphere, 

continuously fooding the world. Its volume accumulated 

across the servers around the world, not to mention in the 

earth’s atmosphere, is so gigantic that some experts called 

it `Tsunami of data’. Most of the data is useless or so-called 

“data waste”. For instance, one person can have as many as 

10,000 emails in his or her mailbox and never deletes any 

of them, some people have stored thousands of photos in 

their phones but never opened them. Let’s think about 4.5 

billion Internet users, how massive is it? 

I have no background on neither science nor physics. 

I am a business administration graduate with special skills 

in design work. I have practiced Vipassana meditation2 

according to the Buddha’s teaching in order to purify my 

mind from impurities (Greed, Anger, Hatred, Illusion)3 for 

many years. Through practice, my mind has come to 

realize the mechanisms of the world’s energy current at 

the fnest level. With this understanding, I’ve found an 

explanation about the relation of the mind and energy, 

the issue of energy felds, the frequency range, the earth’s 

gravitational force and diferent levels of dimensions. 

I am not writing about some kind of mysterious, 

complicated or unbelievable subject. But I am going to 

share with you an issue based on cause and efect with 

scientifc approach that only few people can attain and it 

is rarely explained in details. For people who have fxed 

ideas and bias, they may not accept what I am going to tell 

as they may take it as nonsense or imagination. Anyway, 

whatever perceived by a person but not by many others 

should not be judged as nonexistent or groundless. If 

everyone had stuck to old ideas and ways, refusing to learn 

new things, the world would not have seen so many 


The knowledge I have perceived is a very important 

clue for the world. It is the truth that has never been 

revealed; the critical factor that is escalating global 

warming to an alarming level, causing severe disasters 

nowadays. With this knowledge, we will have a chance to 

fnd other solutions to heal the world. What I`d like to ask 

from you is to open your mind to absorb the new 

information. Eventually, I believe that the we will fnd the 

means of survival for the world and for all of us. 

Since this knowledge came from spiritual wisdom, I 

would like to explain further on how I have perceived it. 

This knowledge has been perceived from the 

connection of the pure energy current of the spiritual or 

transcendental world (Lokuttara-Dhamma).4 As my mind 

is the energy current and my body is where the mind 

dwells, when my mind has been purifed from impurities 

(Greed, Anger, Hatred, Illusion)3, it is in the same energy 

current as the transcendental world which is the Good 

Force. In Buddhism, this also means the current of the 

Triple Gem.5 Being in the same frequency on the same 

linear, the two energy currents became connected. This is 

how my mind has attained the truth which exists in the 

world and the universe, and it is called `spiritual wisdom’. 

It is diferent from the intellectual knowledge that requires 

the collection of data, calculation and research, most of 

which are blended with the researcher’s personal 

experiences, beliefs and values. In short, the knowledge 

from spiritual wisdom comes from pure energy, it is not 

tainted by any bias or delusion. Due to this fnest quality, 

it can access the Ultimate Truth. 

How did I attain this knowledge? 

Although this is not a religious book, I have to explain 

some basic fundamentals of Vipassana meditation practice 

from which the book is originated. 

I have been practicing Vipassana meditation for over 

20,000 hours and established Techo Vipassana Meditation 

Practice Group, providing Vipassana meditation training 

based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness taught by 

the Buddha. The principle of the practice is to be mindful 

in four aspects namely; mindfulness of body, mindfulness 

of feelings, mindfulness of consciousness and mindfulness 

of Dhamma. It aims to destroy impurities (Greed, Anger, 

Hatred, Illusion)3 in the mind through persistence, 

consciousness, and neutrality. During the practice, the 

meditators’ mind must remain still, not swayed by 

whatever comes to the body and mind. 

The key technique is to ignite the fre element in the 

body to burn down impurities3 within the mind. Through 

this powerful technique, my mind has become purifed 

and attained spiritual insight gradually afer over 10,000 

hours of practice. Finally, my mind has learned about the 

truth of the earth’s energy in such a way that I could never 


Since the practice is a scientifc approach leading to a 

clear knowledge in the law of energy at the Ultimate Truth 

level, I need to explain further for better understanding 

of the relation between fne energy and climate change. 

The Buddha is greater than scientists as he taught over 

2,500 years ago that the whole world is the manifestation 

of energy currents. It constantly changes. He talked about 

“kalapa” a fne, invisible energy unit which scientists later 

discovered and named it ‘atom’. 

Scientists say that energy never vanishes, it only 

changes its form. For instance, water vaporizes into steam, 

soil turns into stone or ash. Science describes matter and 

energy as the Four Elements, namely; earth, water, air and 

fre. But the Buddha identifed matter in this world in fner 

forms consisting of Six Elements which include earth, 

water, air, fre, space and consciousness. The space element 

is internal space between the other elements. Consciousness 

is the mind or the soul. And all living creatures are made 

of these six elements. 

Human is part of the energy current 

Saying that a human body has the fre element or is 

the energy current, most people may be confused as they 

do not understand how we can have the fre element in 

our body, we are not electrical appliances. However, that 

is the knowledge based on Assuming Truth or the visible 

truth. In fact, there are many levels of truth. Humans may 

die from electrical shock if they stand on the wet ground 

when a short circuit occurs. It proves the existence of fre 

element in human body. Another amazing fact is that 70% 

(three-fourth) of the earth’s surface is covered with water 

whereas the remaining 30% (one-fourth) is land or earth; 

the same proportion as a human body’s composition. For 

a human, the earth element is the solid parts of the body 

such as fesh and bone, and water element is the liquid 

parts in the body. For this reason, humans are part of 

nature. Unfortunately, they always separate themselves 

from nature. 

How did the Buddha know this truth? 

The Buddha knew the law of energy when he reached 

enlightenment. Attaining the highest level of spiritual 

wisdom, he realized the truth in his mind and also the 

truth about the earth’s energy system which originates 

everything. Nevertheless, his disciples and followers who 

also attained enlightenment could not reach that level of 

realization because their level of perfections, obtained 

through countless eons of mental, physical and spiritual 

training, were not the same level as the Buddha. 

A human’s body is made up of earth, water, air and fre 

elements. Having consciousness or the mind that is the 

most powerful energy in the form of fnest element, a 

physical body becomes a human being capable of thinking, 

speaking and doing anything. Without the mind element, 

the body is just a corpse. Even so, scientists only mention 

about the Four Elements, not mind and space. This issue 

is very critical for what I am going to elaborate now. 

We hardly fnd an explanation on humanity in the 

energy perspective. Therefore, most people especially 

Westerners think of the mind as something mysterious or 

even nonsense. That means humans are denying their 

existence. When asked “Where is the mind?”, most people 

are confused. Some may point at their chest which is not 

quite correct. That is actually the location of an organ 

called “heart”. All the organs in the body can function only 

when having the mind/soul in the body. When a person 

dies, his mind leaves the body and moves to another realm 

accordingly to its former deeds that the person had done 

and accumulated in his subconscious mind. 

From neuroscience perspectives, a human body is 

activated by nervous system, but the nerves are mere fesh 

which must be driven by mind energy. The nerves and the 

other organs can function only with the soul in the body. 

When the mind leaves the body, all the bodily functions 

cease. There are cases in which the deceased sufered no 

pain or illness but suddenly died. While modern medicine 

concluded it was from heart failure, it was actually a sudden 

expiration of life. When the soul departs the body, all the 

functions collapsed. 

Medical science ofen explains the symptoms as the 

cause of illness, whereas Buddhism explains the illness 

from its cause. In this case, the cause is the soul/mind that 

brings life into a body, but science ignores the mind 

because its energy is so fne no machine can detect its 

vibration. So we hear the scientifc explanation based on 

the functions of diferent systems in the body, not from 

the energy perspective. 

Feelings that occur in the nervous system are actually 

physical sensations, not consciousness. Human’s 

consciousness such as remorse or good feelings come from 

the mind’s sense of morality. This is the proof of the 

existence of mind/soul. 

Therefore, to answer the question “Where is the 

mind?”, we can say that the mind is in the body from head 

to toe. It is in every part in the body that has sensations. 

Indeed, the mind is the most powerful energy but always 


Based on the principle of Techo Vipassana meditation 

practice which uses the fre element in the body to destroy 

impurities3 in the mind, not real fre to burn the body, the 

mind will access the fre element in the body and can 

realize the dynamics of energy current because it is also a 

form of fne energy itself. As it undergoes purifcation, 

the mind will have an insight into the truth of everything 

on earth at the energy level. This is the result of the practice

which is diferent from other meditation techniques. 

In Buddhism, those who have reached the highest level 

of enlightenment are called “Arahant”, meaning they have 

uprooted all impurities within their minds and are 

completely liberated from the cycle of sufering or from 

the earth’s gravitational force. When they die, their original 

minds remain pure energy in the state of nirvana6. 

Earth’s gravitational wave comprises the magnetic feld 

which has the force to pull all matter and energy – coarse 

or fne – to get trapped in its energy web. Despite various 

transformations of these matters and energy, as long as 

they have weight and are not neutralized energywise, 

they will be stuck in this cycle eternally. In Dhamma 

perspective, this cycle is called “Samsara” which means the 

pathetic, endless cycle. 

Buddha discovered the way to free the mind from the 

cycle through Anapanasati meditation7 and the Four 

Foundations of Mindfulness practice. Through the 

practice, the mind will be in neutrality, not clinging to any 

positive or negative currents or conditions. Positive 

condition is the condition of happiness which causes 

emotional attachment whereas negative condition causes 

i, leading to clinging mind. When the mind 

achieves complete neutrality, it will not be held by any 

pulling force in the magnetic feld. It becomes so light that 

it rises above the earth’s gravitational force and is freed 

from the cycle of sufering. 

The Buddha’s discovery is truly scientifc. Actually, it 

is similar to the launch of a spaceship. Afer passing 

through the friction in atmospheric layers, the spaceship 

will escape Earth’s gravity and become weightless. In 

meditation practice, the mind must be stabilized, 

determined, and unwavering in order to stay neutral and 

soar above the gravity and the magnetic feld. The reason 

that people who do not practice Vipassana meditation 

cannot neutralize their mind is because their mind is 

controlled by impurities3, manipulating them to react to 

all positive and negative currents (feelings). 

For this reason, it seems that there is always a fght 

between the Good Force and the Dark Force in one’s mind. 

When a person wants to do something good, the Dark 

Force from the impurities3 in his mind will obstruct him 

while the Good Force will try to fght against it. 

Being controlled by the impurities3, the mind will 

become dull and cannot realize the truth. That is why most 

people cannot answer such a simple question like “Where 

is the mind?”. 

In fact, I do not mean to write about the Dark Force 

and the Good Force which seem to relate with the flm Star 

Wars. I just have to mention about it as all these issues are 

related to each other. The plot of the Star Wars is actually 

derived from Buddhist teaching. Good Force and Dark 

Force that I mention here is the key to the issue of energy 

level. “Force” in this context means the forceful energy 

which is invisible but we can feel its existence just like when 

we realize the fght between the dark side and bright side 

in our mind at the time we have to decide whether to follow 

our conscience or continue a wrongdoing. 

Having mentioned about the “Force”, I would like to 

bring up the Buddha’s teaching about truth which explains 

the difference of matter and energy. He identified truth in 

three levels, namely; 

1. Assuming Truth 

It is truth that is visible and named for common 

understanding such as “water” in English and “mizu” in 

Japanese. These two words are assumed names, they are 

different but mean the same thing. Visible and touchable 

things such as water, fre, stone, soil, wood, car and 

appliances are coarse matter and energy. 

2. Conventional Truth 

It is truth at a fner level. This is the reality at the 

conventional level until its true composition is broken 

down. When scientists had broken down the composition 

of water, they found the liquid is the combination of two 

types of molecules; hydrogen and oxygen and its chemical 

formula is H2O. Without this knowledge, we would have 

still believed in what we see; that water is just water and 

always water from the beginning. 

3. Ultimate Truth 

It is the truth at the energy level. 

        After having realized the truth about energy, I came 

to understand the issue of rebirth and the four stages of 

enlightenment in scientific language. The explanation is 

based on gas density in each the earth’s atmospheres. I also 

have a clear understanding in the frequency range of 

matter and energy which affects the mind, the energy field, 

the dimension of time and existence of realms in different 

dimensions, the vibrations and many others. All have been 

explained in one of my Dhamma books. As of now, my 

mind has realized the truth about the accelerating factors 

in global warming; the Internet and digital data that are 

swamping the world. 

Based on the Ultimate Truth, digital data is fne energy 

created from electric current that has become foreign 

substance in the planet’s energy system. Its gigantic volume 

can be compared to a Tsunami wave, distorting the natural 

energy. It is similar to a drop of poison in clear water. We 

still see the water is clear. Only afer we drink it do we fnd 

it poisonous. This is how the massive volume of digital 

data worsens the impacts of climate change, especially the 

water as Earth comprises three portions of it is water. It 

can be clearly seen from the polar ice melting at much 

faster rate than before and the increasing number of 

natural disasters. 

Since digital data accelerates the warming, Internet 

service providers have to set up their data centers in deep 

northern hemisphere where the cold climate can maintain 

the data centers, and minimize electricity consumption. 

If the cooling system breaks down, the data will be affected. 

Likewise, if smartphones and computer devices store huge 

amount of data, they heat up rapidly particularly in hot 

weather. We can say that this massive volume of digital 

data has been created by the Internet that allows the world 

population to use and keep both useful and useless data 

without realizing its effects. 

The Knowing Mind has revealed to me also that 

humans are destroying their main arteries because what 

they are streaming into the atmosphere is foreign 

poisonous substance, damaging the natural quality of fine 

energy current. This foreign poisonous substance is so fine 

it erodes and distorts the original qualities of the earth, 

water, air and free elements until they are disfigured. The 

results are the ongoing erratic weather patterns and 

disruptions as seen today. 

It is undeniable that visible foreign substances in the 

form of coarse energy such as plastic bags, greenhouse 

gases or other poisonous substances have caused climate 

change and greenhouse effect. However, damages from 

these things take longer time to see because they are coarse 

substances and do not merge with the fine energy. Humans 

still have a chance to fix their mistake such as setting up 

campaigns to reduce plastic consumption and carbon 


For decades, we have heralded plastic as the wonderful 

innovation that grants us convenience in everyday life. We 

surround ourselves with all things plastic. Although 

research has shown that the synthetic material takes 

hundreds of years to disintegrate and cause the greenhouse 

effect, people are yet to be fully aware of the seriousness 

of the situation until whales and seabirds were found dead 

tragically with hundreds of plastic bags, plastic items and 

straws in their stomach. Pictures of massive plastic trash 

piling up as garbage mountains all over the world are 

showing us the damage from this foreign substance. 

And even though these materials are found to be the 

main culprit, we have seen their impacts on the climate in 

a gradual manner. Sometimes we have experienced 

severe disasters then later things seemed to be normal. 

We believed that the situation would not get worse. 

However, after the world has completely entered into the 

Internet era, with the total of 4.5 billion users, can we 

imagine how much data is being streamed into the 

atmosphere every minute day and night? How many videos 

are uploaded to YouTube? How many chats go through 

WhatsApp? How many emails are sent? How many selfes 

are taken and stored? 

The `Tsunami of data’ has become foreign substance 

in the invisible fine energy current and interferes the 

energy wave in the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, the basic 

elements of everything; earth, water, air and free are 

distorted. This is why we are facing climate crisis. Moreover, 

the transmission of data between stations requires 

database backup, for which electricity consumption is in 

huge volume in every point the data passes. In following 

chapters, there will be facts and detailed information that 

will definitely open your eyes to the truth that the crisis 

caused by human hands is terrifying beyond words. 

Whether it can be healed or not, it depends on all of us. 

Here is one latest issue related to climate crisis. Some 

countries have recently encountered the PM2.5 dust 

particles problem, which was assumed to be caused by the 

abnormality of airflow. However, there was no clear 

explanation on the actual cause. From my observation, it 

resulted from the gigantic magnetic Feld created from 

extensive use of the Internet. This powerful magnetic 

Feld has blocked the flow of matter and fine energy and 

disturbed the airflow until it became stagnant. The 

weather turned torrid with high concentration of the dust 

particles in the air, affecting people’s health. 

Nonetheless, what I said is just an observation as long 

as there is no concrete scientific data. But through logical 

thinking, it’s worth considering and could be used for 

further scientific investigation. In any case, I realized that 

this knowledge came to me at this time because the truth 

must be revealed to the world. Something must be done 

before it’s too late”. 

To do something means to tell the whole world that 

the Internet is causing great danger and digital data is 

speeding up global warming while they are so obsessed it. 

This is the age of intense competition to reach the peak 

of technological advancement. For me, I really worry that 

the kind of peak may not be what the world expect. Apart 

from the four basic needs for living, around 4.5 billion 

people are depending on the Internet and digital data as 

if they were fifth, sixth and seventh necessity of life. They 

seek happiness, money, friends, fame, social status and 

their presence in social media. 

With the most advanced 5G technology, the Internet 

of Things is in every facet of our lives. Then someone 

suddenly raises his/her hand and says Internet is the villain 

that speeds up the global temperature. Apart from boos 

and jeers, I could be called crazy. Serious meditators are 

usually seen as crazy and anything said by them is also 

seen as insane. 

At the time I was thinking of how to write this, my 

mind became scared of foreign substances, it turned 

against unnatural materials. I did not even want to touch 

a plastic bottle but would rather drink from a glass bottle. 

I did not want to use any soap made from chemical 

ingredients. It took me a while to mentally adjust. Anyway, 

as I have to live with both natural and artificial things, I 

just need to continue with my life. 

In October 2018, I decided to launch a campaign to 

help heal the world through mega billboards at the 

entrance from the expressway to the city. The key message 

was aimed at urging people to increase reforestation and 

delete useless digital data. Initially, it would say “Using the 

Internet and digital data is the major cause in accelerating 

global warming. Planting trees and increasing reforestation 

and deleting useless digital data can help reduce global 


Later, I gathered a team of scientists and experts in 

various Felds to conduct research and provide scientific 

information including studies from reputable institutes. 

After having put all the information together, they obtained 

a very clear picture of what I have revealed earlier. 

The experts working in this team are scientists, 

electrical engineers, and telecom and energy experts. They 

spent several months studying the subject thoroughly in 

order to prove whether what I said is true or not. The 

information that we found is even more terrifying than 

what I have learned through the insight. 

Even so, to reveal to the whole world the truth poses 

a great risk to the team as they are well respected 

professionals and well known in their Felds. I decided not 

to disclose their real names as I did not want them to fall 

into the same destiny as Galileo Galilei, the astronomer 

who discovered that Earth was not the center of the 

Universe; it was Earth that revolved around the Sun. That 

discovery brought him into conflict with the Church, put 

him under house arrest for nine years. As for me, I do not 

have a high social status to maintain, only a Dhamma 

status. Therefore, I have nothing to fear. 

You may find that some chapters in this book are quite 

scientific. But please do not feel discouraged, just read with 

an open mind and you will see the truth. This is a matter 

of life and death. Act as a detective who investigates every 

single clue, then gathers all information before concluding 

whether the “The Unspoken Truth of Climate Crisis” is 

real or not. In the middle and last chapters, I have added 

more information and concluded on how we should move 


In any case, I assure you that you can still live with the 

Internet and do not have to return to the primitive way of 

living. We have come too far. What we really need is 

genuine determination to tackle the problem together 

either by making small adjustments or serious changes in 

everyday life. It depends on each person’s dedication. 

Everything must start with understanding. I decided 

to write this book to help the world in good faith. I do not 

want you to blindly believe. I follow the Buddha’s teaching. 

He taught people to develop faith based on logical thinking, 

not from listening to someone’s words or through 

traditional beliefs. When you hear something reasonable 

and believe in it, you have faith. Faith has great power to 

bring wonderful changes to the world. 

Our world is in dire straits. If we do not act now, all of 

us, our children and the next generation including all 

creatures will face utmost suffering from the scorching 

heat and devastating climate conditions. And when the 

final day comes, all hopes, wishes and passions will mean 

nothing. Every creature Earth will only struggle for their 

own survival. 

This awful situation is caused by humans, either from 

ignorance or blindness. We have been reaping so many 

benefits from technological innovation, the same way we 

used to be at the arrival of plastic era. Today we still have 

a chance to help reverse the impact to the level that 

humans and animals can continue to live peacefully. Afar 

all, what we need is faith and loving-kindness for each 


As one of the Internet users, I am also guilty for 

contributing to this crisis. Today I have an opportunity to 

fix my mistake by revealing this knowledge to you. What 

I ask from you is an open mind without bias so that we can 

join forces to solve the problem that is caused by all of us. 

We are the world and the world is us. 

The survival of the world is in our hands. 

Comparing this to the innovation of petroleum 

Comparing this to the innovation of petroleum 

technology or the progress of plastic production, we can 

see the differences in their similarities. 

The similarity is that all of these three things have 

brought comfort and convenience to us. Each was or is the 

excitement of its time and has brought so much advances 

to the world and yet are double-edge swords when used 

too much. 

The difference lies in the fact that we see and touch 

plastic waste and see its shortcomings easy. Because of this, 

the global community is eager to take action to tackle the 

problem. Whereas, global warming is largely invisible and 

not easily felt as people can easily dismiss it as a natural 

phenomenon. It took years for the world to believe it is 


The rapid rise of global temperatures caused by the 

Internet and excessive digital data storage is admittedly 

an even more delicate issue. It is about invisible energy, 

untouchable and, therefore, difficult to understand. 

There are still many points for further discussion and 

arguments. If we still had time to collect, analyze data, and 

wait for solid proof that our home is on free and we’re 

dying, it would be wonderful. But what if that time would 

come after our extinction? 

It’s time we must rely on our conscience and survival 

instinct, together with available information to decide if 

we are pushing the earth to the point of irreversible crisis. 

This is not an environmental issue per se, but rather a 

critical moral issue that needs our attention immediately. 

Dhamma Current and 

the Worldly Emotional Current 

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon 

The previous chapters have clearly explained why the 

Internet and digital data are the accelerating factor for 

global warming. In this chapter, I will share with you 

another aspect which you may never expect to be an impact 

on the climate. That is “the emotions sent through social 


Emotion is part of mental power classified as the finest 

and the most powerful energy as mentioned in the first 

chapter because it can drive human flesh which is made 

of the Four Elements. When humans are aroused by 

emotions and widely spread the emotions through social 

media, it affects global temperatures since emotion is 

energy current containing the properties of density, 

heaviness and heat. It is impure mental power generated 

from cooked feelings. Nowadays, harsh criticisms and 

comments on posts and stories lead to emotional feedbacks 

which will heat up the temperature in the global 


Where do emotions come from? 

Emotions are generated from feelings that have been 

intensified upon contacting with people and the 

surroundings through the six sensory sense ( ayatana) 

namely; eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind. These are 

the doors that let the energy current passing in and out of 

one’s mind. When something passes through the senses, 

it causes more or less some kinds of feeling. For example, 

when the eyes see a beautiful and fragrant flower, the mind 

will decide this is good, and will like it. On the other hand, 

if the eyes see smelly garbage, the mind will decide that it 

is bad and will dislike it. 

These normal feelings are not emotions because they 

are just characteristics of a human. But when feelings are 

escalated, they become emotions. For example, when you 

like something and this liking is stronger in your mind, it 

becomes ‘passion’, and if it gets more intense, it turns into 

‘obsession’. On the other hand, if your ‘dislike’ develops to 

‘anger’, it becomes ’emotion’. From anger to hatred, then 

hatred to feud, these are different levels of the emotion. 

As a human being, whether that person still has 

impurities ( kilesa)1 or has attained spiritual enlightenment, 

he or she has all kinds of feelings; hot, cold, painful, 

miserable, or happy. But the difference is that the feelings 

of an enlightened person will not develop into emotions 

which lead to attachment and clinging mind. 

From the Buddha’s teaching of Vipassana meditation 

with the principle of the four foundations of mindfulness, 

he said, “Withdraw from satisfaction and dissatisfaction, 

therefore place one’s mind to equanimity”. That being said,

the enlightenment or Dhamma practicing does not make 

anyone turns into a cold, lifeless robot. When a feeling 

occurs, let it arise, exist, and cease by itself. Whenever the 

feeling turns into emotion, it will lead to attachment and 

clinging mind and then bring about craving and aversion. 

Having an emotional attachment means if you like 

something, you want it to be with you and stay the same, 

but if you do not like it, you want to push it away or you 

may develop hatred in your mind that later turns into rage 

and feud. 

From this point, an emotion evolves into emotional 

attachment. It will transform into heavier energy current 

and sink down to subconscious mind ( sankhara)  where all 

emotional impurities are accumulated. As a result, when 

you feel so angry with someone and try to forget about it. 

Then one day while you are enjoying yourself and letting 

the mind wander, suddenly the mind comes up with the 

thought of that person who hurt you, immediately the pain 

returns. This means anger does not disappear, it is just 

hidden and transformed into a higher-density energy 

waiting for the right time to take effect in a different form. 

The meaning of ‘transformed’ can be explained 

through personal character. For example, some people 

have been bullied and suppressed their feelings inside until 

they become emotionally repressed, and driven to hurt 

themselves. This is the powerful manifestation of 

emotional accumulation in subconscious mind. 

However, if the mind is free from any cooked feelings, 

meaning that when a feeling occurs, the feeling will simply 

arise, exist for a while, then cease. This is the law of nature.

To cease is to not foster that feeling into an emotion. The 

Buddha taught that all that is subject to arising is subject 

to ceasing. For example, when you receive a beautiful 

flower bouquet, you see it, feel refreshed and like it, then 

you continue with other things, shortly afterward that 

liking will cease. The feeling that occurs as positive or 

negative energy; liking or disliking, will become neutral. 

On the contrary, emotional current is in the state of 

negative energy that consists of heat and darkness, it affects 

the flow of Earth’s energy, resulting to the imbalance of 

the planet’s energy system. 

The word, “cooked feeling” is well understood among 

Buddhists who practice meditation. Previously, when I had 

to explain this word to foreigners, I did not know which 

word would describe it best. One day I entered the kitchen, 

I saw the cook preparing food by putting the seasonings 

and mixing them to the taste she liked. At that moment, I 

perceived through the Knowing Mind that “to cook feelings 

is similar to cook food”, but instead of food, it is cooking 

the feelings. When I told foreigners not to cook their 

feelings, it turned out better than I had previously thought 

because they immediately understood it. It means not to 

add colors or emotions to the stories or things that come 

through our senses – just stop at the level of feelings. 

Finally, the word that seemed awkward to define in English 

has become easy to explain. 

From the book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” 

written by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, he 

has revealed the experiment on molecules of water. He 

put water in two bottles; one was labeled with the words 

“Love and Gratitude” and another with the word “Fool”. 

When he took water crystals from both bottles to magnify 

under microscope, he found that the water with the words 

“Love and Gratitude” formed clear and beautiful crystals, 

but the other one with “Fool” yielded an ugly frozen 

crystalline formation. 

The result of this experiment shows that emotions 

affect the energy current. If humans have positive thinking, 

speaking and doing – sharing compassion and love to one 

another – it will bring positive energy to our lives and make 

the world’s energy purer and more powerful. On the 

contrary, negative emotions will contaminate the energy 

and raise the earth’s temperature because bad vibes spread 

out the heat. 

Giving an example of visible truth, if somebody shouts 

at you and call you names, you will get angry immediately. 

A huge row followed, then perhaps violence, and grudges. 

But if you are praised for your actions but you fail to 

recognize it, thinking the compliment is for you, your ego 

or self will be inflated. You will think of yourself being 

“superior than”, “better than” or anything “than” other 

people. Whenever something strikes against your ego, your 

mind will be in anguish. 

Cooked feelings that turn into emotions create ego 

and it is a huge problem of humanity. People try to make 

up their image or identity that brings about emotional 

attachment. Some people even say, “You may kill me, but 

you many never insult me.” 

I used to talk to a Purple Orchid Tree that normally 

does not tolerate the coastal environment. At that time, I 

had no knowledge about its nature. Later when I revisited 

the place, I found it almost died because it could not 

withstand the wind and salt. So, I talked to the tree with 

the pleasant words. 

“Miss Purple Orchid Tree, can’t you handle the wind 

and salt anymore? Please bear with it. I don’t want you to 

die. Please stay with me for longer. Hang in there.” 

I did not make a V sign to the tree as the young 

generation often does because it wasn’t appropriate for 

my age. What I did was just talking to that tree every day. 

A couple of days later, the tree that almost died came back 

to life and grew new leaves as if to let me know that, “Not

yet, not yet, I’m not dead yet.” 

I felt delighted that I did not bring her here to die, and 

she was still alive. I did not have a magical power, and trees 

are not living things with the mind or soul. I believe the 

reason for the recovery was the positive energy or soothing 

vibes from compassionate mind that connected to the 

tree’s energy. When people talk to trees as if they were 

humans, they are sending the positive energy toward the 

them. As a result, the trees or flowers receive the supportive 

strength to get through and produce flowers and fruits. 

Now that the world has entered the One World era 

with the help of Internet connectivity, tons of useful and 

useless information and stories have been constantly 

flowing from different social media channels. Our life 

stories used to be known among a small circle of people 

in a certain area. Any conflict happened was therefore 

limited. Now if someone shares his or her story through 

social media, a lot of people will know it too. Their 

criticisms and comments to that post will trigger 

overwhelming emotions until it becomes a public issue. 

Massive waves of emotions are hanging in the air. 

Some stories may be seen by millions of people, 

instead of a few people. How large will the amount of 

emotional current sent and accumulated in the atmosphere 

be? Some stories are specially created to provoke anger 

and hatred. People engaging in those stories or news will 

also bring their mind into the emotional trap, disperse 

tremendous heat current to the atmosphere. The more 

people are trapped, the more their behaviors are changed. 

In this wireless era, people have become harsh, typing 

aggressive comments that turn into bullying. Some harsh 

comments are downright cruel and heartless. 

In March 2019, the British Royal Household had asked 

the public for kindness in their comments to members of 

the royal family. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, who 

was pregnant at the time, had faced heavy online abuse 

due to her background and race. There were two camps; 

one supporting Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – the 

wife of Prince William, while the other supporting Duchess 

of Sussex. Tens of thousands of people in the two groups 

reviled back and forth until the Palace had to issue the 

statement. Sadly, a lot of people nowadays have become 

ruthless and verbally abusive to others without considering 

the other person’s feelings, even though those people have 

never hurt them. 

Here is another example that should give a clear, 

tangible picture. When there was news of a Thai actress’ 

relationship with a millionaire who had just divorced his 

wife, also a popular actress. Her FB page was immediately 

under attack from the public because she started going out 

with him when he was still married and yet denied it. More 

than 50,000 comments were posted within days, mostly 

rude, many beyond offensive. Outrageous comments 

infested with anger and hatred are the free energy current. 

I am not surprised why American singer Selena Gomez 

had to go on a digital sabbatical during her hospitalization 

as negative comments played a huge part in worsening her 

mental health which was already at its lowest as a side effect 

from her lupus. 

On the other hand, when the world saw the photo of 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean 

president Moon Jae-in shaking hands at the demilitarized 

zone between the two countries at the inter-Korean 

summit in September last year, the positive sentiment was 

overwhelming across the world. 

I believed almost everyone was happy and full of high 

hopes for world peace, and I could feel that the world was 

cooler or people at least felt the peaceful energy in their 

mind… Whether it is image, words, or sound, they all have 

effects on feelings and emotions. They impact every life, 

mind, and Earth’s energy system one way or another. 

Messages on social media sites are the transmission of 

mental power into letters, through which readers can sense 

the feelings and emotions, leading to some kind of 

reactions. Emotional currents of each person sending into 

social media with anger, hatred, craving, ego and self are 

negative energies. If we take a look at water molecules taken 

from the bottles fed with negative words, we will see how 

ugly and distorted they are. Apart from tremendous heat 

generated from massive digital data, those colossal waves 

of emotions sent out by almost five billion people through 

the Internet have added the density to this fine energy. 

The vast number of users also provides great income 

opportunities for online businesses and transactions, 

leading to new innovations and services such as online 

shopping. The constant excitement and stimulation from 

new apps make us want to have, to be, to see…the list goes 

on. Once in this tempting cycle, the mind will be sucked 

into it and struggles to leave. A ten-minute research plan 

has expanded to 30 minutes, then one hour or two. That 

is because the magnetic Feld has more power to attract 

users due to the network size and transmission strength. 

Every year, the Knowing Buddha Organization 

organizes an annual mass meditation event to invite 

meditators to jointly meditate and send loving kindness 

to the country and all beings. During the time we were 

sending out the compassion to the world, we all felt peace 

inside our hearts. Our minds were filled with tenderness 

and glowing with joy. It was the positive energy coming 

from thousands of people. The energies were of gratitude, 

love and compassion. Although they cannot be seen, 

everyone can feel them. They give us the willpower to live 

and motivate us to achieve our goals. They also prove how 

much difference a well-intended action can make to the 


Compassion can cool down the Earth because it has a 

soothing property. Compassion is a powerful fine energy. 

Therefore, any places where there is regular chanting, 

meditation and sharing compassion, residents in those 

areas tend to live in peace as their minds are trained and 

cultivated with a certain level of morality. Moreover, the 

people and the place will be surrounded by cool energy 


But then how many people can retain compassion in 

their minds all the time? Especially in this social media 

era, there is almost no more privacy. People cook their 

feelings when they read stories and watch clips. Some are 

fake news provoking unreasonable anger. Some people 

may engage in other’s poignant story and compare their 

lives to those people, dragging their spirits down too. This 

feeling is closely linked with the power of their mind. Now 

that the mind is tainted with emotional garbage piling up 

every time they get emotionally involved with what they 

see on social media. The negative mind, also a type of 

energy, then sends out negative thoughts and emotions to 

the world. These thoughts and emotions interfere with the 

earth’s energy system at the invisible level, causing severe 

imbalance. Together with other disturbances, the outcome 

is erratic climate patterns across the world. 

In the old days, human’s actions influenced by 

impurities (kilesa) were not widespread because there was 

no channel to share them. But in this harsh world, when 

something happens, the public will learn, absorb or even 

take part in the same emotional field. Such a deed is a 

karma or action that will intertwine all these people. 

Therefore, to maintain neutrality and peace in your mind, 

you should avoid getting into such an emotional field. 

I would like to end this chapter by sharing with you 

the method the Buddha used to handle an angry person. 

There was a Brahmin who dismissed the Buddha’s 

teachings as he had faith in different practice. When his 

seven sons and daughters-in-laws listened to the Buddha’s 

teachings, they had faith and converted to Buddhism, he 

became very angry with the Buddha and went to see the 

Prophet at the temple he was residing at the time. 

The Brahmin stormed in. Consumed with anger, he 

lashed out at the Buddha with all kinds of offensive words 

he could think of. The Buddha, however, remained calm 

and unruffled by his insults. When he saw the Brahmin 

began to get tired, the Buddha asked him a question. 

“Brahmin, what’s your purpose of this visit?” 

The Brahmin repeated his cursing at the Buddha until 

he was out of breath. The Buddha asked him again, “Well, 

Brahmin, let me ask you a question. Have you ever had a 

visitor at your house?” 

“Yes, but what’s your business?” he replied. 

The Buddha continued, “Have your guests brought you 

foods or gifs?” 


“But if you don’t want the foods or gifs, who will have 


“Obviously, the person who brought them.” 

“Now then, you’re my guest and you’re bringing me 

the gif of anger. I won’t take it. Therefore, those rude words 

belong to you.” 

The Brahmin was intrigued by the Buddha’s wisdom 

because he had never heard such a thing before. As the 

Brahmin had a good sense, he asked, “Buddha, where did 

you learn not to accept the gif of anger?” 

With compassion, the Buddha invited him to sit down 

and began teaching him. The Brahmin converted to 

Buddhism and vowed to take refuge in The Triple Gem 

(in the Buddha, in Dhamma or the Buddha’s teachings, 

and in Sangha or community of monks) for life. 

Whatever flows in the air, let it be. It will change and 

go back to the person who sends it out. 

You may want to read more stories like this because it 

makes you feel calm. But I cannot tell you more this time 

since our main topic is global warming. 

Regardless of extreme heat, if we share loving-kindness 

to each other, our minds will remain cool and calm. Given 

the fact that we all are fellow human beings in the same 

suffering from birth, aging, sickness and death, there is no 

point to be angry, to hate or to attack each other. 

This book is written with loving-kindness and 

compassion to help heal the world and everyone. If you 

want to read more Dhamma stories, you will find the books’ 

titles in the last page. Once you read those stories, your 

mind will be awake and fled with compassion. Now let’s 

move on to the next chapter. And in the final chapter, I 

will tell you how we can heal the world. 

“In a superhero movie, the 

world gets invaded by aliens. 

In reality, the world is being 

destroyed by humans in which 

they live” 

Before Time is Up 

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon 

This is the final chapter and it’s not about the end of 

the world. It will be, indeed, the beginning of a new chapter 

in tackling the climate change problem straight to the 

point. I really believe that it will lead to an effective healing 

of the world. “0” is the number that has brought us near 

the end so I will use “1” as the starting point to suggest the 

new path to save the world. 

I wish you all join this path. Without much effort, we 

can do it together. No need to wait for a hero as all of us 

will take part in this rescue mission. 

The solutions that I am going to recommend here will 

focus on the accelerating factors which have become the 

main culprits in place of carbon dioxide and plastic for 

which many organizations all over the world are handling 

through various programs. Those programs are the right 

things to do and need serious cooperation from all parties 

for effective outcome. 


The Unspoken Truth of Climate Crisis 

Today, the main culprits are getting much more 

powerful, I suggest that we counteract with the following 

seven measures; 

1. Reduce the Internet usage, use it with discipline and 

in good balance for work and personal life. At the same 

time, use it with awareness on its negative impacts. 

2. Regularly delete all useless data in all communication 


3. Slow down Internet-related innovation and focus 

more on necessary and suitable technological development. 

Innovation that promotes the natural way of living is better 

for humanity. 

4. Go back to more natural living. 

5. Encourage the whole world to completely go offline 

for four hours; 6.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. every Sunday 

morning, making it `Four Hours of No Wi-Fi’. This will 

enable the global energy current to be freed from electric 

current through the Internet. 

6. Plant more trees and increase reforestation. 

7. Chant, practice meditation and share loving- 

kindness to each other and the world using the method 

guided by your religion or faith. The power of loving- 

kindness and compassion will help reduce global 


Here are detailed explanations for the measures: 

1. Reduce the Internet usage and keep it in good balance. 

In the workplace, there is no need to be online all the 

time if your work is not required to do so. When using a 

smartphone, switch to telephone mode and connect with 

the Internet only when necessary. After work, the computer 

should be completely shut down, not on standby. 

As for organizations and businesses, there should be 

a “shutdown” policy for all computers in the office during 

lunch break with only one computer on standby. Apart 

from saving electric power, this allows the machines to 

cool down. When staff come back to work in the afternoon, 

they will feel refreshed from the cooler office environment. 

At first, they may feel annoyed with the new rule. Anyway, 

with continued discipline, they will feel good and have 

conscience of responsibility to the earth. 

This change does not cause any harm at all, it actually 

benefits everyone. If the management and business owners 

set out this practice as their policy, it will bring positive 

changes. Moreover, it can be done easily with fingertips in 

every moment and every day, much easier than organizing 

a reforestation activity. 

Keep balance when using the Internet during relaxing 


If you usually follow all kinds of news; world news or 

other people’s stories, scrolling the screen all the time until 

the smartphone has become your fourth necessity in life, 

it’s time to set a new rule. 

In fact, the Internet creates distance among people. 

Being closer online makes us far apart in real life. People 

constantly stare at the screen until they have no interest 

in other things. While staying in one place, their minds go 

somewhere else. They spend so much time surfing the Net, 

watching other people’s lives, but have no time to take care 

of themselves and fulfill their dreams. Family relationship 

becomes unhealthy as the members only pay attention to 

online matters. In the end, their lives are damaged in every 


Therefore, you should cut down your time for social 

media and use the Internet with more discipline. For 

example, if your work isn’t related to social media, you 

should get connected only 3 times a day; i.e. morning, 

afternoon and evening or nighttime. Each period should 

not last longer than 30 minutes. In case there is something 

to follow up, you may extend to 45 minutes. This is called 

balance, not addiction. Being addicted to something means 

the mind is restless from cravings when it cannot get a 

hand on that thing. 

During nighttime, you should turn of all common- 

nication devices completely, not even leave them on 

standby. This cools down the energy current in your house 

as well as saves your battery lifespan. Without disturbing 

current from outside, you will fnd it easier to be calm and 

fully relaxed. 

Take a slower-paced life. We don’t have to stay online 

or be available on chat programs around the clock. In the 

old days when there was no chat program, we lived 

peacefully. When we wanted to talk to someone, we just 

made a phone call and went on with other things after the 

conversation ended. Now we chat with many groups of 

people all the time. Whenever a message comes in, we get 

interrupted and lose focus from whatever we are doing. 

Have we forgotten the basic telephone system? In fact, 

it’s a valuable device that enables us to live a balanced, 

comfortable life. Unfortunately, it’s devalued by the 

technology that comes with attractive slogan “Max Speed 

Unlimited”. At the end, what does this modern technology 

give us? Does it really provide a better life? It is time to 

rethink what we’ve lost. 

– We have less private time. 

– Our relationship with people around us becomes 


– We lose focus easily while our eyesight turns bad. 

– We have less money in our pocket or even go broke 

because we are                           tempted by online shopping. 

– We lose creativity and imagination. We become 

followers who follow everything                            except our own dreams. 

– We sleep less because we are addicted to social media. 

– We have less patience and cannot wait. 

– We are more emotional and ready to react and strike 

back in any conflict. 

– We lose our individuality as we always compare 

ourselves with others and eventually, we lose self-esteem. 

– Our mind is less grounded because of speed. The 

mind that keeps on moving cannot be stable and loses 

determination. Thus, we tend to change our mind easily 

and become inconsistent. In the end, we don’t know what 

the purpose of life is. 

– Our overall health declines because of constant 

exposure to the magnetic wave and heat wave. 

I can go on with these issues with much more details 

but that will need another ten pages. For now, I would like 

you to recall your life, not too long, just ten years ago. Back 

then you had more space and balance than today because 

there were not many stimulations and distractions like 


However, since you cannot return to life without 

technology, you need to make some minor adjustments. 

Apart from saving the world, you will get your life back. 

Everybody makes mistakes. Even Chamath Palihapitiya, 

former vice president for user growth at Facebook 

admitted during his talk at Stanford Graduate School for 

Business in 2017 that he felt “tremendous guilt” about

several social and health problems he had helped the 

company created.1 

“I think we all knew in the back, deep, deep recesses 

of our mind, we kind of knew something bad could happen 

but I think the way we defined it was not like this. It literally 

is a point now where I think we’ve created tools that are 

ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. That’s 

truly where we are,” he said, adding that the “short-term, 


The Unspoken Truth of Climate Crisis 

dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are 

destroying how society works: no civil discourse, no 

cooperation, misinformation, mistruth…This is a global 

problem.” he also told the audience that, “We’re in a bad 

state of affairs right now, in my opinion. It is eroding the 

core foundations of how people behave by and between 

each other. And I don’t have a good solution. My solution 

is that I just don’t use these tools anymore…” 

Lastly, he reminded the audience, “Your behaviors. 

You don’t realize it, but you are being programmed. It was 

unintentional, but now you got to decide how much you’re 

going to give up, how much of your intellectual 

independence”. Earlier, Sean Parker, Facebook’s founding 

president admitted that when he took part in building 

Facebook, he never foresaw its growth so rapidly that it 

has created great impact to human’s life, saying that it 

changes people’s relationship with society and with each 

other and it probably interferes with productivity in weird 


Parker, who left Facebook in 2005, explained that the 

process when building Facebook was to figure out “how 

do we consume as much of your time and conscious 

attention as possible?”. He said that the inventors – himself 

and Mark Zuckerberg understood this consciously and 

they did it anyway. 

We might have thought that our life would change in 

the One World wireless era when our mind can wander 

anywhere. The truth is we have become enslaved to the 

Internet. But today, with our fingertips, we will ease the 

world and also set our mind free. 

2. Regularly delete all useless data in all communication 


Useless data does not only mean data waste. It covers 

all kinds of unused data such as old emails, thousands of 

selfe pictures, downloaded videos that are never watched, 

daily messages from chat programs. Keeping them in both 

office and home computers overload the computers’ 

memory and also weigh down your mind energy wise. You 

should delete them regularly. For instance, you may spend 

5 to 10 minutes two days a week to do it. You will find your 

mind become clearer and lighter. 

Let me show you the research conducted by a statistics 

expert in our KBO Earth team. The objective is to study 

behavior of the Internet users who delete the digital data 

from their devices. 

Research Summary the study on mental and 

emotional effects of Internet users before and after deleting 

their digital data: conducted by Dr. Thitikarn, the author 

of Chapter 8. 

“The research aims to study the mental and emotional 

effects of Internet users before and after they deleted as 

much as digital data stored in different devices. The 

deletion included emails, photos, videos, data files, all of 

which were kept in mobile phones, computers, tablets, 

programs, social media applications and other social media 



The Unspoken Truth of Climate Crisis 

The study showed that from a total of 253 participants; 

64% of them has 0 – 3,000 units of data while 36% has 3,001 

5,000 units of data. After deleting data for 20 minutes, 

participants in group 1 could delete more than 50% of their 

total data whereas participants in group 2 could delete 41% 

of their total data. 

Regarding the effects afterwards, 87.7% of participants 

felt their minds were lighter, clearer and content. They 

realized they have collected huge amount of data and felt 

the necessity to do this regularly. However, 11.5% of 

participants did not feel any difference and 0.8% felt their 

minds heavier. 

The study also revealed the need of participants afar 

deleting data; 52.2% wanted to travel to nature places such 

as mountains, 26.5% wanted to go to the seaside, 5.5% 

wanted to visit waterfall and 15.8% did not want to go 

anywhere, they would rather stay at home or in some quiet 

places, some wanted to visit a temple.” 

While it was only a brief and small study, the result 

was interesting and has enough ground to believe the 

deletion of digital data has positive impacts on our minds 

as well as on the energy current in the earth’s atmosphere. 

I believe that if you look at the data stored in all of your 

communication devices, you will be shocked by what you 

have collected. 

Please delete them as they are extremely critical factor 

for global climate. 

For the business sector, you may review the information 

you have and decide what to keep and what to dispose of. 

The duration of data storage should be categorized by 

period of years according to the importance; such as three 

years, five years or ten years. Data of over five years may 

be kept as papers in folders or in CDs or USB drives. They 

are the mixture of coarse and fine substances, better than 

keeping them in the Cloud system where the data centers 

have to store and provide backup service 24/7, for which 

electric power will be wasted. 

If you go through your data and categorize them 

according to the importance, you can really help lower the 

global temperature and set a good standard of practice for 

future generations. 

I used to ask the photo team members of 5000s 

Magazine, a bi-lingual bi-monthly magazine about 

Buddhism and lifestyle under KBO, how many photos they 

have kept. One of them told me that he had tens of 

thousands of photos, stored in three hard drives. When 

asked why the need that much, he replied, “I didn’t want 

to delete them”. This brief conversation reflects what most

people think too…they don’t want to throw away any photos 

although they never feel like opening them again. In a way, 

what they keep is nothing as they are never really worthy 

enough for them to take a look. 

On the other side, I have a teenage daughter who also 

likes to take selfes. Once in a while, she will choose the 

best pictures, copy them in a USB drive, and have them 

printed at a photo printing shop. From hundreds of 

pictures, she selects fewer than 40 for printing. This is just 

like the days when we still used a film camera. After that, 

she deletes unused pictures and puts those beautifully 

printed ones in an album, with few notes to describe where 

they were taken. Whenever she showed me the album, 

there were warm and happy moments as I could feel the 

soft touch of the printed pictures and I could take my time 

looking at each of them slowly and joyfully… 

How long have we lost those happy moments? Modern 

technology has taken the gentleness away from our life. 

Our everyday life is in a rush; rush to see, rush to go, rush 

to enjoy something new. We have no time for something 

truly worthy, no time to see special pictures that we 

struggled to capture on the trip to that faraway land, and 

no time to stay in the particular moment that we want to 

keep in memory for as long as possible. 

People these days keep their memories in the 

smartphone’s tiny chip and store them in the air. Many 

valuable things in life have been disappeared gradually, 

leaving us with a slogan of modern technology like “fast, 

strong and unlimited”. 

Please delete them. Deleting your data means you 

really help relieve the global warming crisis. Choose your 

favorite pictures. Take your time of from the smartphone 

and get a photo album. Then slowly put the pictures in the 

album. Whenever you want to recall those beautiful 

memories, you just grab the album to look at them. In this 

manner, you will not absorb heat from the communication 

device. If you feel like sharing them online, just post a page 

from the album. Do not share all of them through the air 

again. You have been sharing your personal information 

with the world for too long and it should be enough by 

now. It is time to keep your personal life personal. Facebook 

is not a private space, it’s a public space. 

These are just brief examples. In fact, this topic can be 

made into another book. For now, I would like to leave it 

to you to imagine how you want to handle your massive 

volume of data. 

If you cannot let go of your selfe pictures or videos 

that you’ve downloaded but never watch, your mind will 

be weighed down and the temperatures will be increased. 

If you are impressed with some posts or messages, you 

may collect and print them on papers, from which you 

can read whenever you want. At the same time, you should 

clear up the space in your Cloud storage or hard drive. By 

clearing up your online life and data storage, your mind 

will be uplifted as you have done something good to the 


3. Slow down Internet-related innovation and focus more 

on necessary and suitable technological development. 

Innovation on natural way of living should be 

promoted. When humans separate themselves from 

nature, they divert from basic principle of life. This is why 

we see drastic changes in every level. If businesses care 

about nature, they shouldn’t develop anything unnatural. 

Otherwise, they have to pay back later; the high profitability 

they expect will be used for compensation caused by 

disasters instead. 

For instance, using robots to replace human workforce 

in order to increase businesses’ profitability has immediately 

resulted in unemployment. Tens of thousands of people 

are unemployed and new graduates can hardly find a job. 

The decline of purchasing power causes business to suffer 

as well. In short, the digital disruption leads to instability 

or conflict of interest in overall society. 

In another example, whenever I need to contact a 

credit card call center, I feel very uncomfortable as it is 

quite difficult to get hold of a human. I have to press several 

numbers to confirm all information and listen to the 

recorded messages over and over while waiting for several 

minutes. That’s because they don’t have sufficient number 

of staff to handle the calls. There were times I decided to 

hang up as I had no time to wait that long. 

As customer base is growing, companies decide to 

reduce staff employment and bring in automatic services. 

While that creates an image of superior services, they also 

make their customers’ lives more difficult. The system 

spoils their relationship with customers. There’s nothing 

wrong with applying technology in business, it just needs 

to be appropriate and does not destroy human nature. As 

humans, we want to communicate with humans, not robots 

or recorders. This kind of development has turned what 

otherwise would have been an impressive customer service 

into a cold, impersonal business talk. 

Companies are trying to attract revenues by stimulating 

wants and needs endlessly. New innovation can create 

excitement when it comes to the scene, but in no time 

another novelty will be coming in. At the end, there is no 

winner, just loser. That is to say, all of us are losers. We lose 

to the impurities2 in the mind of our fellow human beings, 

and finally, the world loses to artificial things and insatiable

demand of humans until its climate reaches a dreadful 


4. Go back to more natural living. 

In my family, we have a rule for the children; they have 

to stay offline starting from 6.00 p.m. on Friday until 4.00 

p.m. on Saturday. It works very well for us. At the beginning, 

they were quite anxious, but they managed to adapt after 

some time. When the Internet-free hours start, they stop 

watching videos and online chat with friends and turn to 

other activities such as doing homework, playing sports, 

reading books, or watching movies from TV. When doing 

homework, they can concentrate very well, having full 

focus as they have no worry about chatting with friends. 

On Saturday, they spend time with the family, play 

sports, exercise and fully rest. Sometimes they go out to 

join public charity activities or travel to provinces. This 

way, the family bond has been strengthened as we get to 

spend time together. This is the true meaning of going 

back to nature. 

Despite conveniences, the Internet negatively affects 

our life when overused. Being separated from nature 

destroys the fundamental structure of our life as we 

become obsessed with illusive world. 

Natural living does not only mean we have to plant 

trees and grow vegetables. Everything should follow its 

course of nature. For example, we should watch movies 

from TV not from smartphone, buy products from the 

market, listen to the music from audio device and exercise 

in the park. 

The fast and modern way of living has brought about 

imbalance in demand and supply. An over demand from 

one side has impact on overall fundamental business 

system and cycle. 

For instance, movies production nowadays is so well 

advanced in its digital development that its charm is 

stripped of. With super high-definition screen technology, 

the images have lost the depth and the softness, unlike 

those seen in old movies. But humans needs tenderness. 

Another example is shopping. If we want to do the 

shopping, we should have a balanced life by going to the 

markets or department stores where we can feel and touch 

the merchandises. There is a saying “If we want to buy fsh,

we have to go to the fish market”. It means that we have to

go see and smell whether the fish is fresh or not. People 

don’t go to the market anymore, they just look at the 

pictures and buy online. The more they look at products 

online, the more they are tempted and eventually lose 

financial discipline. 

When we want to read a book, we should grab a real 

book. Apart from saving our eyesight, it helps retain good 

memory. Moreover, we can review it anytime without 

absorbing heat and the magnetic wave to our body. 

Reading a digital book takes a toll on your memory in the 

long term as the heat has a negative effect to the brain. 

The way of life that depends too much on fast and 

competitive innovations without taking into account its 

disadvantages and abandons the essential roots of our 

nature has led us to new problems. Natural living means 

giving; giving a chance to ourselves, to others and finally 

to the earth to remain balanced. 

We have ignored the natural way of living far too long, 

long enough that if Earth could cry, she would cry and 

grieve for the blindness of humans. “Don’t you see what’s 

happening to me? What have you done to me? How could 

you ignore your own roots? Come back…Come back… 

Come back to me…I’m still waiting for you….” 

At this point, I’ve heard the raspy voice of Rose, the 

leading character in the film Titanic. When she was waking 

from the slumber on the wooden piece after the shipwreck, 

she found that her lover, Jack (played by Leonardo 

DiCaprio), was gone forever. At first, Rose lost her hope to 

live, succumbing to the pain of losing the love of her life 

but she suddenly remembered her promise to Jack that 

she would not give up. She started crying, “Come back”

again and again… 

Please promise me that when you finish reading this 

chapter and feel like watching the Titanic again, you will 

put down your smartphone and watch it on the TV so you 

can see the Titanic sinking on a big screen. Like the Titanic, 

the world is sinking slowly. Are we going to help or just let 

it go down? 

5. Encourage the whole world to completely turn of the 

Internet for four hours; 6.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m. every 

Sunday morning, making it `Four Hours of No Wi-Fi’. 

This will enable the earth’s energy current to be freed 

from electric current in the Internet. For humans, we have 

one day in a week to relax. We should, likewise, let the 

Internet take a break from receiving and transmitting the 

heat in order to help restore the energy current. 

In my family, Sunday morning is time to be with 

nature. After waking up, we have breakfast, spend time 

together, walk on the grass or exercise. Don’t allow any 

stranger coming to our life through social media. We may 

watch a movie on TV or read newspapers, books or clean 

up the house. We let the data center, communication 

devices, batteries, computers and the Internet take a rest. 

I believe this practice can really help decrease the global 


There was one study in 2014 on the impact of World 

Wildlife Fund’s annual Earth Hour Campaign which 

encourages people to turn of their lights for one hour to 

raise awareness about the importance of ecosystems and 

climate change. The researchers compiled 274 

measurements of observed changes in electricity demand 

caused by Earth Hour in ten countries, spanning six years, 

and found that the events reduced electricity consumption 

on average of 4%. However, at this point, taking action only 

once every 365 days isn’t enough. We must do it every 

Sunday all year round. If anyone can further reduce the 

use of Internet, that is to stop using it for one whole day 

or until 6.00 p.m., it will be an excellent move and could 

inspire many others. 

We are talking about encouraging at least four billion 

Internet users around the world to turn of the Internet 

connection for the suggested period. Just imagine that if 

we can make it, how much microwave-induced heat from 

all communication devices that is grilling the earth can be 


Our KBO Earth head and a former electrical engineer 

with decades of experiences, Lieutenant Pitak has 

described how it works, as follows: 

“When our mobile phone is turned of, it means we 

actually slow down the working process at the data centers 

(which are never turned of). Whenever we send a message 

to someone, it the signal travels through the air to reach 

the base station that needs over thousands of times of 

power to find the recipient’s location somewhere in the 

world. It means it has to transmit the data to all directions 

and as far as it can, while each base station can cover up 

to 5-10 km. For a very long distance, the transmission may 

have to go through fiber optics that also requires high 

power supply. 

This is only for an outgoing message. In case there is 

a reply from the recipient, the process will be the same. If 

it is multiplied by billions of people, how much power 

supply will be needed? By turning of a mobile phone, we 

can save tremendous amount of energy consumption. We 

actually help relieve the global climate crisis, much more 

than turning of a light bulb at home. If my explanation is 

understandable to you, I am sure you will immediately 

turn of your mobile phone and you can say that “I’ve really

helped heal the world”. 

6. Plant more trees and increase reforestation. 

We’ve learned since we were young that trees release 

oxygen during daytime and carbon dioxide during 

nighttime. That’s why it’s shady and cool under a tree in 

daytime. Trees can really help reduce temperatures. 

However, there is still a limit. There have been numerous 

studies about a tree’s capacity to store carbon dioxide. In 

a tree’s lifetime, it can absorb carbon dioxide in total 

volume of 1-1.7 tons carbon3. A forest in an area of 

approximately 0.395 acre can absorb carbon dioxide not 

more than 6.09 tons per year. 

Here’s a clearer comparison; a vehicle that has gasoline 

consumption rate at 15 km. per liter or uses gasohol at an 

equivalent rate, when traveling for 417.20 km., will release 

carbon dioxide in the amount that a tree uses for one whole 

year4. If we keep using fossil fuels and continue to release 

carbon dioxide, reforestation can only help to a certain 

extent. Nevertheless, trees provide us with many other 

benefits as follows: 

· Planting trees around the house helps reduce 2-4°C 

as they provide shades and can protect the house from 

direct sunlight. Trees provide moisture in the soil and the 

air around the house, cooling of the interior. In this way, 

it significantly helps reduce power consumption. 

· A tree can trap hazardous substances and particles 

such as smoke, dust and toxic gases including carbon 

monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide up to 1.4 

kg. per year. 

· A tree releases oxygen up to 200,000 250,000 

liters per year. This volume can supply two persons in a 

year5. In other words, it is the biggest oxygen supply on 


With these reasons, almost every country places 

importance on decreasing carbon emission in parallel with 

increasing carbon capture and storage, supported by 

various measures to promote, enforce and control. 

In conclusion, greenhouse gases reduction cannot be 

achieved with one measure alone. As a reference, bamboo 

trees can greatly cool down the surrounding air. Their 

flexible trunks and height, helps distribute coolness into 

the air. If you visit the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto, 

Japan, you will see that the area is naturally kept at cool 

temperatures even in the summer. 

Planting trees is symbolic of nature conservation. If 

you don’t have space for growing trees, at least having a 

kind of aquatic plant or a few hanging plants can remind 

you to return to natural living. 

For organizations or corporations with capacity to do 

reforestation, they should take active participation in the 

activity. Businesses which benefit the most from the 

Internet should show the sense of responsibility by 

supporting and providing budget to help relieve the crisis. 

They should not leave it to the governments and affected 

people. Telecom and IT businesses have made enormous 

benefits at the expense of millions of poor people suffering 

from too many disasters, they should pay serious attention 

in healing the world with concrete plan and take action 


7. Chant, practice meditation and share loving-kindness 

to cool down the world. 

If this was a Dhamma book, I would write about it in 

full details. But for this book, I will only make brief 


If you can live your life in accordance with the ethical 

code of your religion/faith perfectly, you are very unlikely 

to harm yourself and others in any way. When you’re 

careful not to lose your temper with others intentionally 

or unintentionally, sending out loving-kindness to others, 

you’re cooling your mind. Always remember that the mind 

is the most powerful energy. 

The Buddha taught that “Give loving-kindness to those 

burned with free to cool them down”. The world is suffering

from the free of lust, delusion, hatred and all kinds of 

innovations, all of them sharing the same property: heat. 

To restrain from negative, harmful thinking means to stop 

sending out heated and negative energy to the world. This 

is the meaning of cooling down the world by loving- 



These are my suggested solutions to help heal the 

world directly. What I and the KBO Earth team members 

wrote in this book is new and unexpected for you. Please 

consider it based on reasons so that we can tackle the 

problem correctly. All the information in this book has 

clearly shown that although we can reduce carbon emission 

to 0%, the temperatures will never return to normal. The 

world has never needed our unity more than now. 

Every religion has its own prayers. Regardless of the 

religion, chanting and saying a prayer bring good things 

and opportunities to your life as its sound contains positive 

vibration, helps calm down the mind. Once your mind is 

still and peaceful, extend your loving-kindness to the 


Once you follow these suggested solutions, what you 

will gain immediately is more time to do your own things. 

New opportunities will come into your life. Who knows? 

This could take you to the Noble Path and eventually the 

spiritual freedom from the cycle of rebirth. If so, “01” will 

not only be the code of heat for you, but also the code that 

turns around your mind and raises it to higher state. 

Wherever we are on this planet, we can connect 

through the Internet. This time, I wish the connection 

between our minds through Dhamma current and Good 

Force will put out the heat from the Dark Force… Most of 

all, what you can do right now is to delete all useless digital 

data. You have to start from today and follow these seven 

measures seriously. This way, there will be hope for the 

survival of the planet. 

May the power of goodness in the universe protect the 

world, awaken all humanity from delusion and ignorance. 

Then they will join forces to heal and protect the earth 

from all disasters for her to remain home to all beings. 

May they live happily and peacefully for as long as possible. 

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