A Test of Life

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September 29, 2020
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October 1, 2020

A Test of Life

No matter when you are in sorrow or happy time, it is a bridge and a test of life to let you detach yourselves from distress and pleasure. In every role, every aspect of life, it is an illusion resulting from seasoning your emotion continually.

Don’t let your mind be stuck in emotion. Live your life with understanding. If having not much money, be frugal and more hardworking. Accept reality and find a way to solve the problem at its root cause, not the result.

Try to use cash more than cards because with credit card, we don’t see the real value of things we buy as well as cash in our pocket. If being in debt, make time to negotiate with the creators with courage and kind speech. Don’t escape and don’t increase your debt by lending informal credit. It will lead to problems, and bring your life downfall.

I had ever been poor, in debt and expected to escape from that distressed situation before, so I understand it well. But what I understand the most is everything is certainly a test of life. To be liberated from distress, you have to truly detach from illusion, and realize that you are tested either on attachment to emotion, ego, anger, greed or delusion. Whatever happened, just forgive. Forgiving is a way to liberate your attachment to negative emotion in your mind.

No one can ever be free from suffering without being tested. Solve the problem with wisdom. Step back, and see things with understanding that they are bridges and illusional condition. There you will not be trapped in emotion ever again.

Master Acharawadee Wongsakon

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