School of Life Foundation Rescue Packages – Save Thai Lives

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April 22, 2020
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School of Life Foundation Rescue Packages – Save Thai Lives

The Thailand Times – April 27, 2020

The School of Life Foundation of Thailand today completed the distribution of 15,000 Emergency parcels and 4500 cash transfers to Thailand’s poor, helping more than 19,500 families in desperate need during the Covid-19 crisis.

According to the School of Life’s founder Acharavadee Wongsakon,  the non-profit  organization undertook sending emergency parcels to 1000’s of families who lost their income during the Covid-19 crisis.  Packages included various dry food and supplies that would help poor  families survive during the International pandemic.

Volunteers for the School of Life foundation reported many cases of Thais who had lost their incomes and hope and had no  place to turn to. But received Emergency parcels just in time.

Currently the deaths from suicides in Thailand related to Covid-19 is fast approaching same number as,  Covid-19 related deaths, 51.



The  School of Life Foundation was established to teach Dhamma, Mediation, Morality and Buddhist values to children and adults throughout Thailand. Also associated with the School of Life  Foundation are the Knowing Buddha Organization and Techo Vipassana Mediation centres.

Support and Contributions can be made to:

A/C name: School of Life Foundation
A/C no. 003-2-41586-7
Swift Code : KASITHBK
Address: School of life Foundation
3/11-12 Decho Road, Suriyawong , Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500
Tel: +6626347461-3




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