1. Four black bulls came roaring, raising dust with great thunder from four main directions, with every intention to fight, to the royal courtyard. Spectators were eagerly waiting to see their fight with jubilation clapping their hands. But, they only made a show of fighting by pawing and bellowing and finally left without fighting at all. The people were very sad that they couldn’t see a good bullfight.

Dear King, this dream doesn’t have an effect on you or your people during your or my time. This indicates the changes in the weather and climate, because of wicked and unjust rulers who would come to power in the days of world’s decline. It wouldn’t rain on time. Farmers would go on gazing at the sky expecting rain for cultivation. Meanwhile, dark rainy clouds would come and cover the entire sky. Thunder and lightning would start. Farmers would get ready to plow; Others would take things inside the house which had been put outside to dry. But, the rain never happens as expected, because the clouds would go in another direction like the bulls in your dream. People who have been expecting rain go from sadness to misery.


2. Tiny plants and shrubs burst from the soil. When they grew no more than few inches, they flowered and bore lot of large fruit.

Dear King, in the far away future, when the world is going towards its end, the people who are born  would be lustful and would have a shorter life span. They would marry very young. Kids would get pregnant and have babies.


3. Cows suckling milk from their very own newborn calves.

Dear King, This dream says that young people in the future would not care for their parents in their old age. Parents would have to work for their children as servants and earn their living.


4. Some men replaced the strong adult bulls who were pulling the first carts In a caravan with weak young calves. Since the young ones were too weak to haul the load they refused to pull the carts. So, the caravan was unmoving.

Dear King, this dream says that future rulers overlook intellectuals and give higher positions like minister- ships, diplomatic positions and appointments to courts, to  ill-bred, ignorant people and make a mess of their governing. Intellectuals, when called finally for help, would refuse assistance and the government would fall to ruins.


5. I saw an extraordinary horse which had two mouths on either side of its head being fed on both sides at once. It was eating greedily.

Dear King, when the world is nearing its end, the rulers that come to power are so irresponsible, they appoint greedy men to the high chair of law. These deceitful judges, blind to the truth and honesty, take bribes from both parties like the voracious horse with two mouths.


6. Some people were holding a golden bowl which was worth a fortune. They were begging an old fox to urinate in it, and the horrible beast did just that.

Dear King, in the remote future, the corrupt rulers even though they are from nobility, mistrusting the sons of their nobles, give priority to the lowest- born in the country; thus, reducing the noble heritage to rubble and lifting up the low-born. Unsurprisingly, the ruined nobles would give their daughters in marriage to this ill-bred new rich to survive; which is like the old fox’s urinating into the golden bowl.


7. A man was plaiting a rope and putting the finished end at his feet. An old hungry vixen, who was hiding under his bench was eating the finished rope as fast as the man was plaiting it without his knowledge.

In the far away future, women will be hungry for men, liquor, elaborate clothing and jewellery, and, diversion. They would neglect their homes, would pawn or sell the valuables and everything else their husbands painstakingly earned like the voracious vixen, to have their way.


8. At the palace gates, stood a big pitcher full to the brim. There were empty pitchers all around it. People came from all the directions with containers full of water and poured them into the pitcher that was already full, not giving a single glance to the empty ones standing nearby. Water overflowed in vain and soaked into the earth. Yet, they came in thousands and poured water to the same vessel.

When the world is in decline, countries and their rulers would become poor. These selfish rulers would become more demanding and will make the whole country toil solely for them neglecting their own work and empty barns. Everything that is harvested would fill only the royal storerooms in excess like the full pitcher and the rest of the country, the ordinary citizens, would be like the empty pitchers.


9. There was a deep pool with slanting banks dense with lotus flowers to which wild animals came from all directions to drink water. Surprisingly, the water in the middle of the pool was muddy while the edges, from where the wild beasts have got into the pool were crystal clear.

In the far away future, the rulers would become corrupted more and more; they would be violent and  malicious; would rule the country according to their own desire and satisfaction. They would live on profitable bribes and would never make correct judgments. They would never show any compassion to their subjects and would squeeze them like sugarcane in a mill to pile up riches. Unable to pay the excessive taxes imposed on them by their rulers, the ordinary citizens would run away from their villages and townships to the border like refugees, making the center of the country wild, while the remote areas along the border would thrive with people, Just like the pool in your dream.


10. Rice was boiling in a pot without being properly cooked. One part of the rice looked sopping wet,  one part looked hard and raw, and the other part looked perfectly cooked.

In the days to come, Nobles, Brahmans, merchants, ordinary citizens and even the farmers would follow the corrupted rulers. Ultimately, the sages and even the gods of the land would become immoral. Even the skies over that land would be disturbed and the winds that blow over it would be unruly and cruel. Nature would play havoc on the man and their cultivations. In one place, heavy rains would cause damage to the crops and in another place, drought would dry up the harvest. Like the rice in the pot, a single country wouldn’t have the same uniform characteristics all over the land.


11. Sour buttermilk was traded for expensive sandalwood worth a fortune in gold.

In the distant future, when my teachings are fading, there would be shameless, greedy Bhikkus who would preach my teachings abandoning the Truth for the sake of their stomachs. Their preaching wouldn’t lead one to Nirvana. They would use fine words and sweet voices to encourage the devotees to give them expensive robes, delicious food and every other comfort available. Some others would stoop so low as to preach for whatever little money they were offered. These greedy bhikkus would barter my invaluable teachings which guides the man to liberation from suffering, for a mere robe, few coins and tasty food. It is like trading expensive sandalwood for rancid buttermilk in your dream.


12. Dried gourds which usually float on water sank in the water.

During the days of unjust rulers in the distant future, the low-born would become nobles because the rulers would prefer them over real nobility. Those low born nobility would be highly recognized and firmly placed in the government, and the real nobility would sink low like dried gourds with poverty. Even among the monks’ community this would happen as only the advice of the corrupted monks will be heeded ignoring the guidance of the wise.


13. Huge rock boulders floated in the water like dried gourds

In the future, the learned words of nobles would be laughed at and ignored. Those words won’t get to the bottom of the man’s heart. In the monk’s community too this happens as people tend to respect popular corrupted monks turning their backs on the intellectuals. The words of wisdom would drift away like the rock boulders in the dream.


14. Tiny frogs, no bigger than miniature flowerets were perusing huge snakes and devouring them.

When the world is coming to an end, the men would be so lustful that they would do anything to keep their wives happy. Their intense passion would lead them to hand over their every valuable possession to the wives. The wives would become in charge of the houses. These abusing wives would make the husbands their slaves without any saying and would treat them as their servants like the tiny frogs eating up the huge snakes in the dream.


15. A disgusting, vulgar village crow was being escorted wherever it went by an entourage of mandarin ducks which had feathers with a golden sheen.

In the remote future, there would be weak-willed cowardly rulers, who wouldn’t know anything about proper governance. Fearing revolt, they would promote their footmen, barbers, bath attendants to nobility ignoring the real nobles. Reduced to poverty, the real nobles would be left to eat their humble pie. Just like the mandarin ducks who escorted the vulgar crow in the dream.


16. Goats chased wolves and ate them. At the sight of the goats, wolves would runaway and hide themselves in the wood, screaming with fear.

When the world is declining, the low-born, who’ve gained nobility because of the coward rulers, would demand the estates and titles of the true nobility. When the real nobles go to law for justice, they would be beaten and tortured and taken by the throat and would be thrown away with words of scorn. The terrified nobles would hand over their property to the lowly minions and hide themselves in fear like the wolves in the dream. Similarly, the corrupted evil monks would abuse and harass the modest virtuous monks who would flee from temples to the jungle.