Kind Speech

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September 15, 2020
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Kind Speech

“Kind Speech”

by Master Acharavadee Wongsakon

Kind speech, including writing or commenting with kind and sincere words, is one of the Buddha teachings on the principles of sympathy. It is the second important virtue following giving. If you are not able to support others by giving things, you can give them kind speech, which consists of not lying, inciting, saying vulgar words, and blathering. Some people are used to speak bad words or speak in harsh tone without improving themself. Having an excuse that they are who they are, still they are those who do not come to train themselves.

Lacking of sweetness, physically and mentally, can be harmful to oneself more than any other problems. If the body lacks sweetness, you will lose energy. If the mind does the same, you will feel depressed and discouraged.

Kind speech brings rejoiced feeling to listeners. A sincere kind speech, with a gentle tone of voice, can encourage people. Those who speaks kind words will have many friends, receive opportunity and be able to help others in a powerful way.

In 1893, when the King Rama V of Thailand grieved for the country’s crisis, being afraid that Thailand would be colonized by the French. The King denied the food as well as medicines, saying that if Thailand had lost independence, he would have died as well. His brother then wrote poetry to console and encourage him that if he had done the best to solve the situation but he could not save the country, it would have been the country’s destiny itself. With the moral support through the kind words of his brother, the King was encouraged to face and overcome the problems, and able to maintain Thailand’s independence eventually.

For us, we cannot count how many words or comments we speak and give each day. As kind speech is so powerful, why wouldn’t we use it. Sweetness has benefits. So don’t be harsh. Don’t let your body and your heart lose something sweet.

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon
Source: Master’s Blog – 5000s Magazine Issue 21

Kind speech brings rejoiced feeling to listeners.
Sweetness has benefits.
Don’t be harsh.
Don’t let your body and your heart lose something sweet.
Translation: Kanakwan Rachatanunthawich

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