Illusion & Deception – a story by Buddha

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November 30, 2020
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December 1, 2020

Illusion & Deception – a story by Buddha

In the world of 5G, it cannot be denied that our society today is full of distortion, creating images for one’s own benefit, encroaching on others with lies, scams, and frauds in various forms. Moreover, false information sharing is also widely done through social media, often including lying and sneaky content that could incite people in the society sewing division and negative thoughts. However, these events do not just prevail in the present day. It has happened for a long time, even before the time of the Lord Buddha.

When the Lord Buddha was at Chetawan Temple, Savatthi town. He spoke to the disciples of Sariputta on how to gain fortune by deception. He recounted a past fable that once upon a time Bodhisattva had been born as a teacher of Thisapamokkha. There were approximately 500 students in the city. One day, a student came in and asked him how to earn money. “Teacher, I have completed my studies. I want to know how people in this world deceive each other to get money without getting tired.” The Master replied,” Listen, there are 4 ways of deception that people in this world do without being tired namely:

“Not a crazy person, but act like one.
Not a sneaky talker, but act like one.
Not a dancer, but act like one.
Not an impulsive talker, but act like one.
He shall receive money from people who are obsessed.”
This is a teaching for you.”

“What does it mean, Master?  Please help clarify.” The student interrogated. The Master then explained to him that “Crazy people do not hold offense. He can take anything, whether it is clothing, food, snacks or money. People who have no Hiri Ottappa are not afraid of hell. They can do all kinds of bad deeds, just like mad men. They will seek money by means of mad men. Sneaky people can turn lie to the truth and can slander other people. Therefore, those who want money must be known to speak sneakily.

The dancer has no shame. He can do anything to get wealth, so those who want money must be like a dancer. The impulsive talker acts as if he knows everything about everyone. People are afraid of this person; therefore, they give him asset to shut his mouth. As a result, great wealth happened to him. Whoever wants money, therefore, must be known as an impulsive talker.” The disciple listened and blamed the method of deceitfulness that completely does not concern about morality. He said, “Master, if this was the case, ordination would be entirely better than seeking fortune without morality.” Then, he decided to be ordained as a hermit and practiced in the forest for life.

Do not live a life by making a living by creating a deception and sin which is considered precept-breaking. Encroaching one another only brings sufferings. The Lord Buddha has warned people that …”Dear all monks, people consist of 4 dhamma. What are the 4 dhamma? They are the usual liar, the usual sneaky talker, the usual vulgar language user, and the usual nonsense talker. These are dhamma that will surely occur in Hell. ”

Compiled by Thonasit Sekorarit

Translation: Supravee Veerapala

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