Being Born a Human “Here’s the story…”

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Being Born a Human “Here’s the story…”

Being Born a Human “Here’s the Story”

by Master Acharavadee Wongsakon


“Can you promise that you won’t be misled by the shell?”
“Promise, I promise. I just want to drop by this universe for a moment.”
“You must know that this shell doesn’t belong to you. You just borrow it for a while. Once it’s affected by wind, water and heat, it will change to the last degenerative point


Once you encounter other mind currents and you react to them, your shell will be thickened and your mind will also
tainted… And if you attach to whatever comes to your mind, there will be other souls coming in to control it. Your mind will be tied up in an enormous energy source that traps those who get lost in there. You must be careful with anything that comes to affect the mind. It’s going to make you entangle with the shell and then you cannot go back…
You will be trapped in the complicated universe that is like a maze of many layers and dimensions, with the valley of fire and beautiful land for you to enjoy for a while, but you can’t get out of it.”

“I will be careful, not to be misled by the shell and not to be taken with anything coming to contact. I will keep this mind pure. Soon I’ll be back.”
“Are you sure? There are so many temptations in this universe.”
“I’m sure. I come here freely and I must go back freely. Don’t worry about me.”



It has been a long time until it is uncountable…maybe ten billion years of this world.
“Where are you now? Why haven’t you come back?” The superb free mind groaned.
At human world, the shell with soul is crying in front of other shells.
“There you are, I have searched for you for a long time. Why are you crying for this rotten shell? Have I told you not to be lost in the shell? Look at your mind, it’s so tainted and sad. You don’t take care of the mind as you promised, you’re lost in the shell…”



“This shell is so beautiful and this temptation is very entertaining. It makes me think I have significance and am an important one. Every time I intend not to be lost in it; I would be enchanted by it again. Then I come back to the same point but it’s getting lower and lower… I don’t want to mourn with all these shells anymore. Please lead me back home. Take me away from this place…
I’m sorry that I didn’t keep the promise.
I’m sorry that I’m lost in the shell.”



Master Acharavadee Wongsakon
Source: Dhamma Teaching Assemble 1, Page 93-95
Translator: Patcharee Singkaew
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