October 13, 2023

The Best Meditation and Mindfullness Retreats in Thailand

Located 90 minutes North of Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand are The Soul Resort and Techo Vipassana meditation retreat. For anyone serious about learning or practicing mindfulness and meditation, these are the ultimate destinations. Learning to meditate from a Buddhist meditation Master, Forest Monk or Guru can change the way your life and your view about meditation.
June 3, 2023

Why Visakha Bucha is the most important day in Middle Path? Because of Love

Visakha Bucha Day was originated from the power of true love - the love with no desire. It’s the love of Buddha for his father, his wife, his people and all beings.
August 26, 2022

You may have up to three kinds of consciousness inside your body.

You may have up to three kinds of consciousness inside your body. The first is your own consciousness, which entered your mother’s womb at the […]
August 26, 2022

Friday essay: how the West discovered the Buddha

  Buddhism is the third largest (and fastest growing) religion in Australia with approximately half a million adherents. The celebration of the Buddha’s birthday here (on […]
August 26, 2022

The Buddha: History, meditation, religion and images

By Tom Garlinghouse published 29 days ago Over 2,500 years ago, an Indian prince named Siddhartha Gautama achieved spiritual enlightenment and became the Buddha, the founder of […]

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