March 14, 2020

Feeling Overwhelmed? “RAIN” is an ancient Buddhist way to cope with hardship

RAIN is an ancient Buddhist way to cope with hardship. For those who want to unpack the wisdom embedded in RAIN and transform it into specific and digestible techniques that anyone can put into practice, […]
March 14, 2020

The story of the Venerable Sivali Thera

The birth of a Sivali At the time of Gautama Buddha, there reigned a righteous king and queen named Koliya and Suppavasa. After some time Queen Suppavasa became pregnant. And the unborn child brought great fortune […]
March 11, 2020

From lessons of history

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 | Pioneer Artist Raghu Vyas’ canvas brings to life a variety of gods and goddesses from Indian epics and mythology From the majestic portrayal of Lord Krishna’s return to the city […]
March 11, 2020

Buddhism: A Look Into the Beliefs, Practices & History 

Siddhartha Gautama was a spiritual leader, philosopher, and teacher who was born in Lumbini, Nepal around the sixth century B.C.
February 26, 2020

How Does a Buddhist Monk Face Death?

New York Times – By George Yancy Feb. 26, 2020 Photographs by Devin Yalkin If we learn to celebrate life for its ephemeral beauty, its coming and going, we can make peace with its end.   […]
January 31, 2020

What Is Enlightenment Really?

By Giovanni Dienstmann on Saturday December 31st, 2016 Finding The True Path To Liberation Buddhist monks, Hindu yogis, modern spiritual teachers, and Burning Man enthusiasts all use the term “spiritual enlightenment” – but are they […]
January 8, 2020


December 26, 2019 Karl Smallwood  On the scenic Thai island of Koh Sumai, tucked away in the Wat Khunaram temple is the mummified body of one of Thailand’s most famous monks- Luang Pho Daeng. Remarkably well […]
December 15, 2019

Star Wars “The Last Jedi “based on Buddhist Philosophy

  Lucasfilm Ltd. STAR WARS How Luke’s final act made the Skywalker Saga’s Buddhist themes more explicit By Siddhant Adlakha  Dec 13, 2019  Two hours and eighteen minutes into The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) projects his avatar from across the […]
December 9, 2019

Understanding the Eight Realizations of Great Beings

Shweta Advani “The Sutra of the eight realizations of great beings” is one of the oldest and most influential Buddhist Sutra. Thich Nhat Hanh’s commentary on this profound sutra explains in detail how to embody […]
December 6, 2019

The 10 Most Gorgeous Buddha Statues in Thailand

A peaceful Buddha face peering through a wall, Sukhothai | © Adam Jones / Flickr A predominantly Buddhist nation, it is little surprise to find that Thailand has thousands of Buddhist temples and even more […]
November 29, 2019

The Story of Jivaka, the Buddha’s Personal Physician

By BD Dipen Buddhistdoor Global | 2019-11-01 Statue of Jivaka in Khok Kwai, Uthaithani, Thailand. From twitter.com Jivaka was a renowned physician in ancient India and a contemporary of the Buddha. While he is not well known […]
November 29, 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts of using Buddha Images – what everyone should know

The Knowing Buddha Organization Meditation Master Acharavadee Wongsakon, President Do’s with regard to Buddha           Once you enter Buddha’s land you will see many temples and Buddha statues both inside and outside the temples […]
November 28, 2019

In Search of the Real Buddha

The Buddha was a real historical person who ate, slept, sweated, and got tired. Yet he was also an extraordinary person who developed inspiring qualities that we are all capable of developing. If you find some of the details of the developed hagiography of the Buddha an off-putting burden, look to him as a great human teacher of the path beyond human limitation.
November 28, 2019

Who Was the Buddha?

BY ANDREA MILLER| NOVEMBER 15, 2019   For thirteen years, I’ve worked as a journalist, interviewing writers, actors, activists, dharma teachers, and more. Recently, someone asked me whom I’d interview if there were no limits and I […]
November 25, 2019

BUDDHA’S Image should not be used for decorating Hotels, Bars, Spas or your home

The Bali Times Newspaper The resort Island of Bali is one of the largest producers and exporters of Buddha images around the world and according to the Knowing Buddha Organization needs to STOP commercializing Buddha’s […]
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